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All you need to know about why NotAnotherDemocrat was created.

About NotAnotherDemocrat

What we are NOT!

It's very important to us that we establish, for the record, first, what we are NOT.

We are not holier than thou... It's obvious to anyone who knows David Phillips, he's just as flawed as EVERYONE else in this world. (To what degree is in the eyes of the beholder.) Flaws don't dictate worth. No one is worth more or less than anyone else. 

We are also not making a case for turning Mr. Phillips into a celebrity (Knowing how difficult that would be, I doubt this statement would take much convincing). 


What we ARE!

We ARE attempting to make the case for dismantling the Democrat Party and that means everything it implies. 

The reason why we want to do this is:

Democrats have gotten in the practice of forcing all of us to agree that the "exceptions" in our society must be the "accepted". We attempt to show that this is not compassion, but contempt for society. We are going to make the case that there is a valid reason why certain behaviors, ideologies and mindsets are historically, inherently cancerous to successful society and culture. We don't want Democrats teaching our children that good is bad, right is wrong, and there are 1203 genders...

We are going to show that NotAnotherDemocrat seeks to defend everyone's right to behave in any legal way they wish. However we are not for shielding people from the consequence of their aberrant anti-social behavior.  "What does it hurt?" is a far simpler answer than people imagine.

We are building on the idea of putting "quality" back into our culture. If a person wants to show up to a job interview looking like a troll from under a bridge, that's their choice. Getting used to being unemployed is a valuable teacher. 

We are against forcing a business owner to accept other people's bad choices. We are saying that social engineering isn't the job of government. 

We are against forcing a business owner to pay more taxes, because people don't want to work for a living. Revenue collection IS NOT the roll of government! 

The concept behind NOTAnotherDemocrat is that there's only one party promoting the stuff that's killing us

We don't hate Democrats, we just don't trust them to make decisions for us. It's not HATE, it's common sense.
- David Phillips (With over 5 million views on Quora, thousands of followers on LinkedIn, and a stomach full of Democrats harming our country. I decided I had enough and am going to turn whatever I can into influence - to prevent 2020 from ever happening again.)

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Rush Limbaugh

Rush will always be an icon of the conservative movement. This country will benefit from his wisdom, commentary and advice for generations. Since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were appointed by the Democrats, to be used to cover up their continuing criminal activity. To that point, Rush, your leadership and council is sorely missed.

This website is dedicated in memoriam to this heroic man. We are inspired by his brave patriotic professionalism and clear vision for what makes our country so great.

His wisdom, "on loan from God", helped this author discern that it is now no longer possible to be a Democrat and also love this country. Rush graciously saw everyday Democrats as mis-guided patriots. He was correct. However, this is no longer the case. It's time to shut it all down.

- David Phillips
Who we are...

If we remain faithful to our sovereignty, we not only preserve our way of life for our own, but we are also a beacon of light to those who find themselves without freedom, truth and faith.


As Constitutionalists we adhere to the core principle of LIMITED government. The Constitution of the United State limits the power of government, so that a central authority is in-capable of presuming upon itself the authority to dictate to its citizens how they should live their lives.


As Conservatives, we adhere to the principle that it is the role of the individual citizen to conserve their time, talent, and treasure to preserve for themselves the life-style they choose to live. Government should NEVER have the power to coerce its citizens to abandon their conservatism.

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David L Phillips, LPC is a Board Certified Loss Prevention expert by profession. He is also a Christian, husband, father, patriot, constitutional constructionist, and a natural born citizen of the United States.

David Phillips, LPC Founder

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