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Democrats Need to Understand Something | They've GONE TOO FAR

Exposing Democrats for who they are, results in two necessary outcomes; 1) Keeping voters informed. 2) Deliver targeted opposition.

That being said, we are an equal-opportunity-analysis site. If you are a Democrat, running for public office, regardless of your race, creed, color, gender, pro-nouns, biological sex, or national origin, we oppose you. 

Why? Until everyday Democrats coarse-correct your national leadership, we oppose you. Which means, basically; get a divorce from the Globalists, the Oligarchs, the Social Engineers, and the Ult-left Power-hungry Partisans who seek to crash our country into the wall, in the name of their power and personal wealth management ambitions, then we will take down this site. Until then, enjoy.

Races we are following

National Races (White House in 2024, plus a Super Majority in both houses of Congress in 2022 and 2024.)

  • Executive (2024)


- Donald Trump

- Ron Desantis

- Ted Cruz

- Kristi Noem


- Joe Biden

- Kamala Harris

- Hillary Clinton

- Elizabeth Warren

US Senate (Goal: 62% of the Senate)
US Senate Races

Map of the US Senate Contest in November of 2022 | Credit: UVA Center for Politics

Currently the Democrats control the US Senate by a narrow margin. The split is 50 Republicans; 48 Democrats; and 2 Independents. The reason why it's a narrow margin is because the VP, Harris (D) is the swing vote on bills to be voted on, and the two independents predictably vote Democrat. So, it's like 51(D) and 50(R). On some bills, we've seen the same names jump ship and vote with the Democrats (RINOs). More about those, later.

To get a super majority (veto proof) in 2022, we needed to convert the Democrat Majority to a 67(R) to 33(D) Republican Majority. We needed to do that by first replacing 4 Republican Senators with Real Republicans. Then we needed to elect Republicans to four seats, now being vacated by retiring GOP Senators. We needed to defend 1 vulnerable seat. We needed to take all 5 seats from vulnerable Democrats. Plus, we needed to unseat at least 17 Democratic Senators. We thought there were 5 Democrats who are vulnerable and seeking reelection in 2022.

34 of the 100 US Senate Seats were up for re-election in November of 2022. Additionally, Sen. Inhofe's seat was open in November, as he is retiring. Which makes 35. A super majority is NOT possible in November of 2022, unless 2 or 3 Democrats somehow resign from the Senate and their seats were included in the 2022 national ballot.

To WIN back the Senate with a slight majority, the GOP has 29 seats that are NOT up for re-election. We need to add 30 seats to get a comfortable majority. Since there are only 35 seats available, we needed to have near clean sweep.
In order to get to 59, the GOP would have had to keep 15 seats that were up for reelection, but fairly secure. Then they would have had to keep the seats that are in play in Georgia, Nevada, Utah, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Oklahoma(S) and North Carolina. Then take the vulnerable DNC open seats in Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. Then also take away a few solid Democrat held seats in some very blue states.

It is now 2023 and we can share what actually happened.

Here are the races that matter the most, in my opinion.

  • Arizona (2022 D) Marc Kelly (D) Defeated Blake Masters (R) in a close race. (-1)
  • Colorado (2022 D) Michael Bennet (D) Defeated Joe O'Dea (R) in a close race. (-1, down 2)
  • Florida (2022 R) Marco Rubio (R) Defeated Val Demings (D) in a 16 point blowout. (+1, down 1)
  • Georgia (2022 D) Raphael Warnock (D) Defeated Herschel Walker (R) in a close run-off race. (-1, down 2)
  • Iowa (2024)
  • Missouri (2022 R) Eric Schmitt (R) Defeated Trudy Busch-Valentine (D) in a 15 point blowout. (+1, down 1)
  • Michigan (2024)
  • Minnesota (2024)
  • Nebraska (2024)
  • Nevada (2022 D) Catherine Cortez-Mastro (D) Defeated Adam Laxalt (R) in a very tight runoff election. (-1, down 2)
  • New Hampshire (2022 D) Maggie Hassan (D) Defeated Don Bolduc (R) in a 10 point race. Not a surprise. (-1, down 3)
  • North Carolina (2022 R) Ted Budd (R) Defeated Cheri Beasley (D) in a close race. (+1, down 2)
  • Ohio (2022 R) J.D. Vance (R) Defeated Tim Ryan (D) in a 6 point race. (+1, down 1)
  • Oklahoma (2022 R) Markwayne Mullin (R) Defeated Kendra Horn (D) in a close special election. (+1, down 0)
  • Pennsylvania (2022 D) Doctor Mehmet Oz (R) LOST to Socialist John Fetterman (D) proving Democrats will vote for whom they're told. (-1, down 1)
  • Texas (2024)
  • Utah (2022 D) Catherine Masto (D) Defeated Adam Laxalt (R) in a squeaker of less than 1 percentage point. (-1, down 2)

US House of Representatives (*12/11/2022)

  • House Speakership: (It is suggested that Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-20) will replace Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-11) as Speaker of the House.) 
  • House Republicans: 221 (We watched as a RED-WAVE became a red ripple. Very disappointed, but glad we have congress.)
  • House Democrats: 212
  • Vacancies: 0

Republican Seats Needed for Super Majority

The GOP had 209 seats in the House. Of those 209 seats, 10 of them are vulnerable. So in order to get a comfortable 293 seats in the house, we need to unseat 68 Democrats, keep 11 seats we may lose, and take back five contested seats vacated by death and resignation.

Here are the five seats we need to take back with new, fresh people.
(1) NE-01 | Mike Flood (R) defeated Patty Brooks (D) by 5 points.

(1) MN-01 Brad Finstad (R) defeated Jeff Ettinger (D) by 11 points

(1) NY-23 | Nicholas Langworthy (C) defeated Max Della Pia (D) Blowout!

(1) AK-AL | Mary Peltola (A) defeated Sarah Palin (R) by 3 points. Sarah didn't even try and she still came within 3 points.

(1) IN-02 | Rudy Yakum (R) defeated Paul Steury (D) in a blowout.

5 Total Seats | Won 4

Here are the seats that are vulnerable, which we need to hold onto.

(-1) Don Bacon (R) NE 2nd
(-1) Liz Cheney (R) WY At Large
(-1) Mike Garcia (R) CA 25th
(-1) John Gibbs (R) MI 3rd

(-1) Young Kim (R) CA 39th

(-1) David McKinley (R) WV 2nd

(-1) Mary Miller (R) IL 12th

(-1) Tom Rice (R) SC 7th

(-1) Michelle Steel (R) CA 48th
(-1) David Valadao (R) CA 21st
(-1) New Seat (D/R) CO 8th
(10) Total Seats

The Challenge
We didn't loose any of the above seats, but if we stayed there, we would have 214 seats to the Democrats' 220. However, the GOP picked off several vulnerable seats, and ended up with 222 seats, to the Democrats 213. That's enough for the speakership, but not enough for a super majority.

If the GOP gained 1/2 of the seats we SHOULD flip, then we have 234 seats to the Democrats 192. If we gained all of the OPEN seats, instead of just half, then we would have had 237 seats to 189 for the Dems.

We should have flipped 56 more seats by focusing on the following districts, I think we can have a super majority in both houses.

Here are the names of 23 GOP Congressional Candidates who really need your support:

Two of these Congressional Districts are already in the WIN column for the Democrats. However, it should be noted that both of those districts are virtually uncontested. Myra Florez won her district as a conservative, flipping her district from the traditional deep blue "D" on special election. So it can be done. There are 23 seats here, that remain in contest.

If we picked up 70% of these seats, then we got 16 of the 56 we still need. IF, of all the other races for the House, we have 40 surprises we need to yank out of somewhere. Write us and tell us who has a shot and will post their race here. 40 left! That all we need.

Democrats Occupying Vulnerable Seats

*Delgado, Antonio (D), NY resigned 05/25/2022 (19th Congressional District)

Here are seats the GOP can flip.
(1) Cindy Axne (D) IA 3rd

(1) Cheri Bustos (D) IL 17th
(1) Sean Casten (D) IL 6th
(1) Alexandria O. Cortez (D) NY 13th

(1) Jared Golden (D) ME 2nd
(1) Andy Kim (D) NJ 3rd

(1) Elaine Loria (D) VA 2nd

(1) Tom Malinowski (D) NJ 7th

(1) Tom O'Halleran (D) AZ 1st

(1) Chris Pappas (D) NH 1st

(1) Abigail Spanberger (D) VA 7th
(1) Elissa Slotkin (D) MI 8th
(12) Total Seats

Here are seats the GOP should flip.

(1) Angie Craig (D) MN-02

(1) Matt Cartwright (D) PA-08

(1) Henry Cuellar (D) TX-28

(1) Sharice Davids (D) KS-03

(1) Steven Horsford (D) NV-04

(1) Dan Kildee (D) MI-08

(1) Annie Kuster (D) NH-02

(1) Marcy Kaptur (D) OH-09

(1) Susie Lee (D) NV-03

(1) Elaine Luria (D) VA-02

(1) Open (D) NY-03

(1) Open (D) NY-18

(1) Open (D) OH-13

(1) Open (D) OR-05

(1) Open (D) PA-17

(1) Open (D) RI-02

(1) Elissa Slotkin (D) MI-07

(1) Kim Schrier (D) WA-08

(1) Abigail Spanberger (D) VA-07

(1) Dina Titus (D) NV-01
20 Total Seats

Key Local Races by State