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Democrats Need to Understand Something | They've GONE TOO FAR

Exposing Democrats for who they are, results in two necessary outcomes; 1) Keeping voters informed. 2) Deliver targeted opposition.

That being said, we are an equal-opportunity-analysis site. If you are a Democrat, running for public office, regardless of your race, creed, color, gender, pro-nouns, biological sex, or national origin, we oppose you. 

Why? Until everyday Democrats coarse-correct your national leadership, we oppose you. Which means, basically; get a divorce from the Globalists, the Oligarchs, the Social Engineers, and the Ult-left Power-hungry Partisans who seek to crash our country into the wall, in the name of their power and personal wealth management ambitions, then we will take down this site. Until then, enjoy.

Races we are following

National Races (Super Majority in both houses of Congress in 2022)

  • Executive (2024)
US Senate (Goal: 62% of the Senate)

Currently the Democrats control the US Senate by a narrow margin. The split is 50 Republicans; 48 Democrats; and 2 Independents. The reason why it's a narrow margin is because the VP, Harris (D) is the swing vote on bills to be voted on, and the two independents predictably vote Democrat. So, it's like 51(D) and 50(R). On some bills, we've seen the same names jump ship and vote with the Democrats (RINOs). More about those, later.

To get a super majority in 2022, we need to convert the Democrat Majority to a 65(R) to 35(D) Republican Majority. We need to do that by first replacing 4 Republican Senators with Real Republicans. Then we need to elect Republicans to four seats, now being vacated by retiring GOP Senators. We need to defend 1 vulnerable seat. We needed to take all 5 seats from vulnerable Democrats. Plus, we need to unseat at least 15 Democratic Senators. Currently, there are 5 Democrats who are vulnerable and seeking reelection in 2022.

  • Arizona (2022 - 1D)
  • Colorado (2022 - 1D)
  • Florida (2022 - 1R)
  • Georgia (2022 - 1D)
  • Iowa (2024)
  • Missouri (2022 - 1Open)
  • Michigan (2024)
  • Minnesota (2024)
  • Nebraska (2024)
  • Nevada (2022 - 1D)
  • New Hampshire (2022 - 1D)
  • North Carolina (2022 - 1Open)
  • Ohio (2022 - 1Open)
  • Pennsylvania (2022 - 1Open)
  • Texas (2024)

Key Local Races by State

  • Michigan
  • Minnesota