Pain Centers

Democrats are going to spend away your hard work in unprecedented, hidden, concealed, and unsustainable ways – which WILL wreck the economy; higher food, gas and housing prices means less for you and your children. 


The oligarchs who control the Democrats, are literally manipulating educators, local governments, and media into creating chaos in order to keep people in fear, distrust and codependent on government; to grow their power and take away your freedoms.

Safety & Security

The oligarchs are using Democrats to destroy the safety and security of our people. In turn, they are using the increases in crime they help create, to usher in “reforms” that further their agendas; but do not make your neighborhoods safer.

Pain Management

As people go, truth brings the pain before it brings the healing. People tend to not want the truth until the pain of the lie becomes greater than their resistance to the truth. As a people, we need to embrace truth above all things, if we are going to survive the “Party of Lies” (aka. Democrats) 


The pain of watching more and more of our fellow citizens being criminalized for their beliefs rather than their actions is appalling. We need to restore real “justice” to our court systems. In order to do that, Judges who are faithful to the Constitution rather than to Democrats, must be put in office. 


For everyone’s sake, we need to take back control of our government. In order to do this, we need to “win every election”. Politics need to be the conversation at the dinner table, the bar, the coffee room, and everywhere else. If anyone is voting for a Democrat, they need to see the pain that will bring to their world.


The Democrats have taken over the education of our children. As a result, they are producing students who are experts in ideology, and not much else. Remove them from your colleges, your schools, your private institutions and replace them with leaders who believe in math, science, history, logic, language, management and engineering.


Democrats have “outlawed” patriotism. The oligarchs, who are more influenced by international concerns than those of our country, foster this “Anit-Americanism” to appease corrupt officials outside the US. They favor a globalism which will not allow you to be free.


Democrats have captured the impressionable minds of our future generations. At the behest of their oligarch patrons, they have turned this energetic resource into an activist army. We must bring that same level of energy to the front lines to demonstrate how much we care. To not be an activist is to be unconvincing.

Remember: They'll spend trillions on bills they haven't read but want details on how you spent $600."
Action & Results

Telling people the truth, engenders trust. The paid-Democrats must lie to alter society in the way they want it to look, to buy their supporter’s trust, since lies engender distrust. It’s expensive to buy trust, paid-Democrats need to cover their lies with manipulation, so that when unpaid supporters see the lie, they won't believe it’s a lie. This is what bankrupts every totalitarian state. It’s expensive to convince people they are seeing the truth, when they’re not. It’s expensive to harm people who refuse to agree that the lie being told to them, isn’t a lie. It’s even more expensive to kill the people who can’t be bought.

- David Phillips, LPC
How can I deliver the cure?
Find the truth...

Our Nation needs every citizen to uncover the truth and share it with others. Period. 

Know the truth...

Our citizens need to know the truth, understand the truth, and apply what we know with wisdom and character.

Tell the truth...

Once we find the truth, we learn the truth, then we need to spread the truth. Democrats can’t thrive in a truth based world.

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Profiles of Courage

The well respected former US Secret Service Agent, turned political commentator, blogger, radio talk show host, and Fox News Contributor is a refreshing source of truthful insight into the world of National Politics. 

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a radio talk-show host, a podcaster, and was a former National Security Policy Adviser to President Donald J. Trump. He is a great source for perspective on national security issues and 2nd Amendment rights.

Sebastian Gorka National Security Expert

Laura Ingram is a Fox News host of the Ingram Angle, a radio talk show host and a commonsense conservative with a broad based following. Her insight and “keep it real” analysis offer consistent reality checks against the Democrat propagandists and their consistent lies.

Laura Ingram The Ingram Angle