FBI Reform

The FBI is broken. It must be fixed. We will never get a paid-Democrat to agree to these reforms. We the people, if we are going to survive, must enact these reforms before the IRS trains their army of 87,000 agents.


The men and women who are our national front lines against federal crimes.


Our federal lawyers and prosecutors.


Our leaders of the FBI, managing the resources they need to get the job done.

the fbi needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up

Kash Patel

Fictional traps:

IF the FBI was an organization interested in justice, they would be less concerned about "perjury trapping" people like Gen. Michael Flynn and Carter Page.

Contempt of Congress:

We now know that Andrew Weisman was the point man for looking into bribery allegations against Vice President Joe Biden. Weisman was the cleanup man for hiding information about this allegation. He was also an insider assigned to the Muller investigation, all the while knowing that the cause of the investigation was a fiction. 

Donald Trump is being persecuted because he represents the opposition. Our population IS the opposition, because DC insiders are stealing from us and they don't want that to stop. We are the cows they keep clapped in a stall. They are feeding us only enough so we can produce milk. They tell us we must conform or they will put us out to pasture.

Nothing is as it seems.