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Our mission is to save this Great Nation. "We the People", are under attack by destructive forces who hate our country and its citizens. Leading these hostile forces are rich power-hungry oligarchs, adversarial Nation-states, and subversives within our own borders. Recently, I’ve concluded that those who are enabling these hostile forces are paid-DEMOCRATS. It is the paid-Democrats who are the tip of the spear, looting our wealth and destroying the institutions that make us strong.

Defending ourselves against paid-Democrats now requires a higher order of commitment from our citizens. Commitment to faith, family, fidelity and freedom. Faith, because God is real and the paid-Democrats want people to hate God. Family, because it is the foundation of any stable, secure people and the paid-Democrats want you to hate your family. Fidelity, because if we don’t stick to the rules that served our national interest, we are prone to veer off course and descend into majority rule ordered by paid-Democrats. Freedom, because without freedom, there’s no way to enjoy our lives and paid-Democrats only want paid-Democrats to enjoy life.

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The ultimate voting guide for this November is simple: Don't vote for a Democrat. Send a message to the DNC. Things are broken enough. You made your point. You hate this country and what it stands for. We get it. Now we want you to stay out of government service, quietly and without violence. Can you do that much?


America is a place where a lot of people sacrificed blood, treasure, time and effort to accomplish the Greatest Nation the World has ever known. 

 NotAnotherDemocrat was created for one purpose: to unseat every Democrat holding a public office, either by election or by appointment. The reason for this is simple. It is obvious to us that the Democrat Party as our parents once new it, is lost to the corruption of oligarchs, foreign influences, and greedy, morally bankrupt politicians and bureaucrats willing to sell us out for personal profit and power. As a free people, we need to take on the mentality of “unseat them all”, to restore the dignity this once proud party. To promote new leadership more committed to keeping the competition for the “better idea” than “the richer and more powerful, the better”. We promote the peaceful altering of the political landscape so that faith, family, fidelity and freedom are the main purposes for both main political parties. 

Teaching the oligarchs and subversives now trying to destroy our country, that you’re not welcome here, if you don’t alter course, is very important to our survival. Taking their power away, is what needs to be done. Take it all away.

We need experts...

We need people who can read the tea leaves of bank mergers and currency speculation, and convert that knowledge into plain speak for the average voter.

Legal & Criminal Justice

We need retired lawyers, criminal justice professionals, and sociologists to notice and report on strategic trends.


We need CFE's and CFA's to look for money trails. We need to show where the money is coming from and where its going.

Retired Government

We need people who used to work for the US Government, who know how the rules can be bent and what rules are getting bent. 

Writers & Creators

We need writers and creators who can use their talents to improve the quality of our messaging and the continuity of how it’s presented.


We need activists who can agree to our operating principles and be the public face of our movement. True believers who like a good fight in the trenches of politics. 

Courage is Needed

The vanguards of our republic are overwhelmed. The Democrats have outspent us, out maneuvered us, and out played us at nearly every turn. They've taken over our schools, our corporations, our government and our institutions with little to no opposition. They've pushed us up against a wall. We will not become Australia.

- David Phillips, LPC
Take action...
Election Monitors

In key battle ground states, Democrats must feel our presence. They must know WE are looking over their shoulder and trusting NOTHING, every step along the path to certification.

Election Commissions

In key battle ground states, Democrats must be challenged in the courts, if they even look like they are going outside the boundaries of the law. It must be painful and expensive for them to cheat. We need election commission conservatives on boards all over this country, but especially on county boards of election.

Local and State Races

We need people willing to step up and challenge Democrats in EVERY local race. Even if the chances of you winning are less than zero… Show up. Show you care. Show you are willing to improve things, as a conservative.

Courageous Champions of Freedom

Ben brings honest, rational activism and courage to the National Stage. A thought leader on issues of conservatism. 

Ben Shapiro Daily Wire | Free speech platform Rumble, is the best place to stay informed with your favorite vloggers. A free-speech platform

Mr. Bongino is a well respected former US Secret Service Agent, turned political commentator, blogger, radio talk show host, and Fox News Contributor is a refreshing source of truthful insight into the world of National Politics. 

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino The Dan Bongino Show

This hashtag means, "I'm tired of paid-Democrats destroying our country and I can no longer support anyone running as a paid-Democrat." 

If you are responding to a text, a post, a tweet, or a comment, then it means, "Here is another example of why NO ONE should ever vote for another paid-Democrat. Democrats, as a party, has lost all credibility and shouldn't be trusted with any public office."

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For Use On Twitter

#NotAnotherDemocrat use on Twitter has the usual meaning. However, if you want to add meaning to this simple hashtag, post what you want it to mean on our locals account:

For Use ON Facebook

Posting #NotAnotherDemocrat on Facebook means that you are no longer deceived by Democrats. They aren't fooling you and no one else should be fooled either.

For Use On LinkedIn

#NotAnotherDemocrat is a professional way of saying that this political party has lost it's moral compass. It extorts money from businesses in exchange for support. It extorts job from employees if they don't act a certain way. It abuses it's power for selfish gain. 

For Use on Other Social Media Platforms

If you use #NotAnotherDemocrat on any social media platform, you are telling your audience that you want to be FREE. Not one more vote until Democratic voters recognize they are not the social elect who should tell people how to live their lives.