Open Letter to Donald J. Trump:

Donald J Trump

Dear President Trump,

NotAnotherDemocrat is a website dedicated to exposing Paid-Democrats for who they are. What you will find is that they are the outer shell of a cabal dedicated to centralizing power in this country, to Washington DC, outside of the electorates influence or accountability.

The end-game of this group is to then corrupt our society from within and turn our Nation into a defenseless collection of witless slaves who would rather sell their birthright for bowel of soup, than to defend it. Their ultimate aim is to sacrifice our blood, treasure, and humanity and compromise it for looting and exploitation.

You know all this; however what you may not know is that they've rigged the game towards an even more sinister end than what might be obvious. It's rigged so that even if you get elected, the opposition you face will come at you from outside and inside government service, with a venom. You yourself know that in your previous administration you had deep state actors who isolated you from the real tools you needed to accomplish the needful work we elected you to do. They advised you wrongly, they denied you access to the full might of what we, the American tax-payer, paid so much money to make available to you.

You likely remember when you spoke to us, you spoke from a podium reacting to the world around you. You were often quoting news sources telling of threats or situations that your PDB should have warned you about well in advance. You were talking to us like you were hearing and seeing what we just learned on the news, rather than from your vantage point, as Commander and Chief. We feel that you didn't trust your internal sources and couldn't act on what they were telling you was a threat. This is a very sad and dangerous reality.

I believe this is because you weren't demonstrating that you had the tools to anticipate problems directed at us, because you were so busy fighting problems directed at YOU. Making matters worse, the people pretending to help you were only serving you to harm you. These hostile actors were answerable to powerful people within the Democrat Party's paid organization, from companies pledged to oppose you, and governments hostile to the United States. These people organized against you and what we elected you to do. Motivated by the many secrets they sought to hide and to conceal the many hands they had in the cookie jar. They used the press, academia, big tech, government employees, to ensure nothing you put your hand to - succeeded.

Yet in spite of all this and more, look at what you accomplished. Imagine if you had the full might of the Federal Government, what you could do.

So, here are some thoughts from all of the many people who really want you to succeed:

  • Build an inner circle of advisors, as is allowable by law. Give them clearances and authority to help you plan a "cleansing" of the Federal government.
  • Focus on the DOJ, first. Reserve your harshest punishments for the corrupt in that agency. Purge those responsible for enabling the FBI to take us down such a dark path, and pull in people of principle.
  • Then take a renewed DOJ to go after the corrupt FBI. Empower the DOJ prosecutors to use the US Marshall Service to bring the FBI to heal.
  • Once the FBI is reigned in, turn them loose on Congress. Find out how so many law makers became multi-millionaires in such short time. Arrest them all.
  • Once Congress is slapped awake. Use them to empower the FBI and the DOJ to go after the Department of Defense and the IRS. Find out who's been collaborating with the corrupt officials in the Democrat party and the foreign governments.
  • Once the DOD and the IRS are purged, use them all to go after the CIA and the NSA. Find out who's been leaning on the FISA court and why they were complicit with the Democrats in auditing select patriots and not corrupt congress. Find out why the Bidens hold the record for suspicious transaction reports.
  • Once the CIA and NSA are purged, use every agency of the Federal government to go after the OMB. Rip appart the books and find out where all the money is going, who's getting kickbacks and how much. The American people shouldn't be the targets. The employees of the Federal Government should be scrutinized down to the last penny.
  • Once order is restored and the guilty are made to pay, then go after the companies who supported the corruption. Those who took payments and made payments to extract favors.
  • Finally, tell the American people that CONGRESS needs to establish a constitutional amendment establishing that NO foreign government, corporation or political party can own free press entity in the United States. All organizations that function as "the press", shall be wholly and completely owned and operated by an individual or group of individuals who answer only to their consumers. Make it illegal for the Federal Government or any advertisers, to deliberately influence a company like NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, or Fox to report the news with bias towards any interested party.

This list could go on. I will add things as they come up.

The reason why this is important, is that we feel you need to send a very clear message to your fellow citizens. The Federal Government has been sailing into world history at the bidding of the few, at the expense of the many, but will no longer do so.

You will NOT see your second (third, actually) term in office succeed any more than the last term; if you allow the corrupt partisans to undercut your every move. Sit in that chair. Wield the power your office holds. Don't be afraid of it any longer. IF you follow the above, you can then take these agencies and use them to OUR benefit, not the DC acolytes that seem so fond of feeding off of our labor.

Then you can close the border; stop all these terrorists from killing people; stop the flow of money into these corrupt regimes all over the world. IF you "hate America" you will get no more of our money or influence. Take China to the wood-shed. Balance the budget. Restore order to the markets. Take this country to a place of reliable influence in world affairs. Stop the wokeness in the US military. Stop the export of wokeness. Break the WEF. Take the UN to the woodshed. Build the wall. Cure the AFT of it's gun grabbing crazies. Arm your citizens. Turn the "industry" switch back on, in our land.

Then go after the MCC in New York City. Find out the real reason why Jeff Epstein got dead and the failures involved. Give up Jeff Epstein's client list. Get the real reason behind Gen. Millie's call to China. Purge the military of trans and gay service members. Make it a requirement of federal service, to pass a psychological test, to ensure that future public servants and military personnel are of good, moral and ethical fabric.

Make it illegal for an enemy of the United States to own property or businesses that run in the United States. IF China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, or any other STATE wishes to fight us, kill or kidnap our citizens, or engage in armed conflict against our country, they will not get one dime of ours.

One more thing, make sure that computers used by the United States Government are manufactured by US Owned Companies, assembled by US Owned Companies, and maintained by US Owned Companies.

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