If you are a Democrat...

...and you love your country. Read this:

My father was a Democrat, from the first time he voted in 1955. 21 years old. Married. One child. A job with Bell Telephone in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He loved his family, his friends, his neighbor and his country - in that order. He worked hard all his life. He was a Union Member (AFL/CIO as my first recollection allows). He was a shop steward, a cable repair man, and a local chapter president for two years. He believed in the "New Deal". He believed in the little guy having a place at the table. He believed in a fair day's work for a fair day's wage. He hated handouts and he hated sleazy suits getting into his business.

He was a United States Marine (6ft. @ 220lbs.) My mother got a flag at his graveside. He strived every day to give his wife and kids a better life than he had. He wasn't perfect, but he was my Dad and I respected him.

If you think that the story should end here, I would agree. It always did. Until I turned 60 years old and concluded that all the things my Dad stood for, in the Democratic Party, were just smoke and mirrors and were never going to change. I had to look back in time, to my Dad, and tell him the party leadership of today, has sold you out. They have successfully betrayed my Father's trust. The DNC of today, isn't controlled by the Teamsters, the AFL/CIO, the Blue Collar working man's strength of character and resolve. It isn't controlled by the families of every day Americans who trusted it's purpose and held their leaders to account when they stepped too far off the rails.

The paid-Democrats of today are beholding to wealthy oligarchs, party power brokers, string pullers and manipulators; big media, tech and pharma puppeteers; who are all too eager to use enablers, grifters, pretenders, thieves, liars and traitors towards sending the United States on a Thelma and Louise ride straight to the bottom of some deep dark ditch.

If you want to be a part of that, it's your choice, but I challenge you to read this before you decide to cast another ballot.

On with my story...

The contrast between the party of my Dad and the GOP was what turned me into a Constitutional Conservative. The person who personified that contrast was Ronald Regan and his vision for a strong, safe, secure America versus Jimmy Carter’s. Carter was weak as a leader. He was a veteran, but forget where he came from. Listening too much to the intellectuals, not enough to wisdom and common sense. As I was in the military, I saw Carter as directionless and indecisive. I saw Regan as purposeful and resolved. When he got elected, I saw my equipment and my pay reflect my worth as a service member. As young as I was, that’s where my decision point rested.

Now days, I have two children serving and the United States Armed Forces are being social engineered by the freaks in DC. 

Among the many examples, there is a mentally ill man pretending to be a woman in a Navy Uniform, as U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health. Which is crazy. The Democrats still have American citizens stuck in Afghanistan. Which is treason and grotesque dereliction of duty. We have an American 4 Star General calling the Chinese PLA and informing them that if we strike first, he’ll give them a heads up! Treason. We have confessed traitors in Bo Bergdahl and Bradly Manning – yet democrats reward them for their bravery. We have a Marine LT Col who was arrested and jailed for refusing to obey an unlawful order. While the Democrats rewarded an Army LT COL for insubordination and betraying the confidence of his President.

These are all decisions that Democrats have made recently. These facts alone should give you pause, but no, there’s more! Democrats told the FBI to investigate parents who SHOW UP at school board meetings, while they turn a BLIND eye to whoever decided to give a 20 year enemy of the United States over 1.4 million rounds of ammo and over 60,000 automatic weapons.

Why are you still a Democrat?!? These aren’t errors in judgment! These are deliberate attacks on our way of life. All of what our fellow citizens, who are mostly in nursing homes dying of a virus Democrats paid the PLA to build.