Respectful Opposition

Every once in a while we hear from someone with an opposing view. Normally, opposition comes in the form of trolls just repeating leftist talking points. Usually these trolls are paid operatives or party zealots with nothing to offer. However, we did hear from one opposition member who spent so much time and energy researching and presenting his case, we felt compelled to honor that effort, here.

The main focus of our guest contributor is Donald J. Trump, former twice-impeached, President of the United States. He offers some extensive criticism of our former president and implies that any support for such a person is just plain insanity. Here is what our guest contributor offered us:

by Richard M. Bleicher | Published by permission. | 12/31/2022 | Formating and publishing is by DLPS. Linked here is the article in full, on Quora. - LINK


I’m (Richard Bleicher) 52 years old and grew up in the NYC area in the 80s and 90s. Anybody remotely around my age from that area will tell you that Trump has been a corrupt, grifting, morally bankrupt, malignantly narcissistic, megalomaniacal, spiteful, petty, vindictive, bullying, pathologically lying, Con Man for his entire life for decades before he entered politics.

I could fill a book with examples of all his grifts and abhorrent behavior from years before, during, and since his presidency, but here's just some examples:

Trump was sued years back for racial discrimination for refusing to let blacks rent apartments in the buildings he owned in NYC:

When Trump owned the Miss Teen USA Pageant, he would routinely go backstage to creep on the girls as young as 15 in various stages of undress. Many girls testified to this, & he even bragged about it on The Howard Stern Show.

Trump created a fraudulent "Trump University" that scammed thousands of people. He settled a lawsuit with former students for $25 million.

Richard M. Bleicher

Our guest writer is a Sales Consultant from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He graduated from Moutclair State University.

Housing Discrimination

Decades-Old Housing Discrimination Case Plagues Donald Trump - LINK

Miss Teen USA Pageant

Report: Trump walked into teen beauty pageant changing room. - LINK (Howard Stern Interview) LINK (News Story)

Trump University

Judge finalizes $25 million Trump University settlement for students of 'sham university'. - LINK

Business Dealings

He was fined $10 million when it was found his Taj Mahal property had committed "significant & long-standing Anti-Money Laundering violations.

Trump was fined $2 million by the State of NY for illegal activity during the 2016 election:.

Trump made it his business practice through the years to scam contractors doing work on his construction projects out of the money he owed them, always claiming "shoddy" work as an excuse to withhold full payment.

-  Some in South Jersey have a message for Trump: Pay your old Atlantic City casino bills -
A brief history of Trump's small-time swindles. A certain commander in chief has a long history of being accused of screwing over the little guy ... THE WEEK

$10M Fine

FinCEN Fines Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort $10 Million for Significant and Long Standing Anti-Money Laundering Violations - LINK

$2M Fine

AG James Secures Court Order Against Donald J. Trump, Trump Children, And Trump Foundation - LINK

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills. - LINK

charities and truth

He set up a charitable fund for kids with cancer and stole all the money from it.

He told more than 30,000 blatant lies in 4 years in office.

He lied about the value of his business and even his own NYC penthouse apartment, even overstating the size of it to be 30,000 sq feet, when it is actually less than half that at only 11,000 sq feet.

"Former President Donald Trump and his children have lied about seemingly everything in the Trump Org empire — from the size of the patriarch’s luxury Manhattan penthouse to the value of properties around the globe — in order to score an array of financial benefits, New York Attorney General Letitia James charged in bombshell court papers." - By Noah Goldberg and Chris Sommerfeldt | New York Daily News, Jan 19, 2022 at 11:22 am

Children with Cancer

How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business - LINK

30,000+ Lies

Trump Lied More Than 30,000 Times During His Presidency. No Wonder We’re Exhausted. - LINK

30,573 False or Misleading Claims

Washington Post counts 30,573 false or misleading claims in four years by Trump - LINK

Other False or Misleading Claims

Trump lied about value of business empire — and size of his Trump Tower penthouse, AG James says. - LINK

integrity - Decency

He took $1.9 million out of campaign donations prior to the 2020 election and shifted it to his own personal account.

Trump mocked a disabled reporter.

He bragged about using his celebrity to sexually take advantage of women. "grab them by the p*ssy".

He referred to third world countries as "shit holes" and accused Mexicans of being "rapists".

Campaign Money

Trump Has Now Shifted $1.9 Million From Campaign Donors To His Business - LINK



Lewd Bragging

"And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. You can grab them by the pussy. You can do anything... - LINK (CNN) | LINK (FOX)

Careless Bias

President Donald Trump Calls Haiti And African Countries 'Shithole' Nations | NBC Nightly News  - LINK

Policy and government

He had a composite .95% GDP for his term, one of the worst in history. Economic growth also never even reached 3% at any point in his term, despite his campaign promise to grow the economy by 4% annually.

He had 3 of the highest annual trade deficits in U.S. history.

He grifted his supporters for over $250 million after the election under the guise the money would be going to support his election fraud case. That's not where the money went. To date, he hasn't spent a dime of that money on a single election audit or other effort to overturn the election.

Linked here is the article in full, on Quora. - LINK


Donald Trump built a national debt so big (even before the pandemic) that it’ll weigh down the economy for years. - LINK


GDP Growth Under Trump Was the Worst Since Hoover - LINK

Election Audits

Trump's PAC has spent no money on ballot audits as he pushes his election-fraud claims, but it has funded his flights and other personal expenses, a report says. - LINK