Helpful Links

Here are helpful links we recommend with a brief description: (None of these are paid links. I just list the URL. Nothing I do or provide is on anyone else's dime except my own.)


Daily Caller - News focusing on looking where the liberal press doesn't.

Daily Wire - Ben Shapiro's media organization with an emphasis on HONEST reporting. Careful, they call it as they see it.
The Epoch Times - Truthful news without the influence of any government, corporation, or political party.

Fox Business - The ONLY mainstream business network I will listen to. Sometimes I change the channel. But Bret, Neil, and Chris do have some insight they are brave enough to cover.

Fox News - The ONLY mainstream news network I will listen to. Mainly Tucker. But Sean now and then, and Dan Bongino with Unfiltered is good. Greg Gutfeld is like Foxes version of Beatle Juice, but he grows on you after a while.

One News - A Daily Caller counter-weight.

Revolver -  Investigative journalism, reporting on the things that matter, regardless of who it offends.
Sara Carter - A Fox contributor and trusted confidant to many insiders.
Sky News - The honest news from down under.


Dan Bongino - Ex-Secret Service Agent turns the Democrat master-plan right back around. Excellent analysis with a whole lot of Italian spice.

Tucker Carlson - Democrats vs Trucker. Don't ever send your thugs to a man's home and threaten his family. You then become a passion.

Sebastian Gorka - National security expert and logic factory. IF you're stuck in the Democrat matrix, he has the right prescription.

Sean Hannity - Faithful warrior on the one of the last remaining Fox truth trains. A steady source of information on just how the Democrats are ruining this country.

Laura Ingram - Is a truth-teller on Radio & Fox. Laura is a great person to learn how Democrats are stealing the show.

Michael Knowles - Calm, quiet, but almost asp-like in his way of laying out the facts. Democrats scurry when Mike turns on the light.

Mark Levin - If Michael Knowles is the asp, then Mark is the 1500 pound polar bear in the room.

*Rush Limbaugh - Still the greatest ever, behind the mic. Democrats tried to silence him for decades. Which tells you how right he was. This website is dedicated to Rush' memory. Thank you, Sir, for the many decades you invested to teaching us all the meaning of a Constitutional Republic.

Ben Shapiro - Ben is in a league all his own. Ben is a scalpel. Ben is just the right cut to make when a Democrat starts growing on you.

Paul Joseph Watson - PJW is a street level fighter. He's the Connor McGregor of street level politics. A libertarian brute with the wit and sarcasm to make it hit home. Democrats hate seeing a smart, savvy, young person be this right.

Liz Wheeler - Liz is like Deborah in the Book of Judges. If you want to hear the truth and you love Laura Ingram, Liz is a great source.
Megan Kelly
- Megan brings the hard data for your contemplation. She's not for the weak minded vacillator.
Victor Davis Hanson
Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution.

Social Media Spaces

Irish Angel - For Police related issues of our time. She's passionate about backing the blue.

Zoe Warren on LinkedIn. His posts keep it real, like few others.

Dr. Kelli Ward on Twitter and wherever else you can find her.

The Epoch Times - A reliable source of real journalism.

Rudy Giuliani - America's mayor still has some important things to say.

David L Phillips on Quora (#NotAnotherDemocrat Founder)
James Lindsay

Blog Spaces

Jo Nova - For news, views and updates from the resistance in the land down-under.