Fidelity: What is a “paid-Democrat”?
A "paid-Democrat" is a professional politician and the operatives they control.

A paid-Democrat is a professional politician and the operatives they control. A paid-Democrat is a member of the Democrat party, who is paid to run for public office, or who profits from serving in a public office, with the power to create laws, set policy, and/or control government actions; a government employee who is appointed by or hired by party politicians; and a party staffer who organizes, enables and legitamizes the party officials they help get elected.

Excluded from this definition are the men and women voters who follow the party and deliver the votes voluntarily. These are the people who identify themselves as "Democrats". ON this website, we are refining our criticism of Democrats as a whole and dividing the party into the "paid" and the "un-paid". The "paid" are the party officials with power, the ones who profit from their loyalty to the top leadership. AT ANY LEVEL! In contrast, the "un-paid" are those party members who are used by the "paid" to facilitate the party's agenda and enrich the leadership.

To the "UNPAID", we say it's never too late. We the People, love you just as much as we love our own. You are our fellow citizens. We don't care what your skin color is or who you love. We are just as angry as you are, about how government spends money and interferes in our lives. We value your input and treasure what you add to our overall quality of life. You work, you play and you go about your business like everyone else. You don't want to cheat anyone, hurt anyone, or hassel anyone. All you want to do is be left alone to live your life. We get it. We agree. We are one.

NotAnotherDemocrat isn't here to bash "unpaid-Democrats" and their personal, professional, or passion choices. We like the fact that we are all in a debate on who's ideas are the best. That's what makes us strong. This website and the idea "We the People" should be focusing on isn't shutting down one another, it should be opposing the "MONSTER" ruining our lives, calling itself the "Democrat Party". Your leadership has been highjacked by elites who seek only to promote their world view and enforce it on the rest of us, so they remain in power.

To remain in power, they have given themselves the ability to choose winners and loosers. You and I both know that's not what this Nation is all about.