Fidelity: Biden’s Handlers say COVID-19 Pandemic is Over
"If you notice, no-one's wearing masks," Biden said. "Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape... I think it's changing." CBS News 60 Minutes
Fidelity: Gobsmacked
Americans are getting sick of all of it. They’re ready for a change.
Fidelity: The Biden Speech at Independence National Historical Park Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (September 1st, 2022)
Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.
Fidelity: Gas prices are up!
I don't need to explain to you what high gas prices are. You know them. You know they were less than $2.00 a gallon when you were worried about Tweets. Now the prices is $5.34 a gallon and somehow tweets don't matter any more.
Michael D. Lentini CFE: SCOTUS LEAK
And this is ok? How? Can't wait for the White House to condemn this. How about the corporate media? I'm sure the DOJ is mobilizing as we speak.
Michael D. Lentini CFE’s Corner
Following his retirement from the NYPD in 2001, Mr. Lentini was hired as Lead Investigator for the Special Audit Investigations Group of the Philip Morris/Altria Corporation.
Fidelity | The REAL President
Obama is shown to be the real voice that matters to the power brokers in Washington. Walk this back, Peppermint!
Freedom: Special Message to the Trolls
I am NOT your enemy. I know you think I am your enemy, but I am not.
Fidelity: The “Murder” of Ashli Babbitt?
Whas Ashli Babbitt murdered?
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