Trump’s Dilemma: Nostra Sponte
People bring SLAPP suits because they can either temporarily prevent their critics from making public statements against them or more commonly to make critics spend all of their time and resources defending the SLAPP suits.

"Latin for 'of one's own accord; voluntarily.' Used to indicate that a court has taken notice of an issue on its own motion without prompting or suggestion from either party."

The United States Supreme Court needs to intervene on behalf of the institutions of our system of governance. Otherwise we will all suffer as our Nation's highest elected office is diluted into a soup of independent fiefdoms vying to wall-mount the head of their political opposition.

According to Cornell Law School, (I am not a lawyer. Although my history of suffering at the hands of my legal representation has baffled manyin the legal profession.) 

sua sponte

Primary tabs Is Latin for "of one's own accord; voluntarily." Used to indicate that a court [In this instance, I am thinking of the US Supreme Court.] has taken notice of an issue on its own motion without prompting or suggestion from either party. As a general rule, where grounds for dismissal exist, an action is subject to dismissal on a court's own motion. A trial court has the power to dismiss an action sua sponte for want of prosecution, or failure to comply with the rules of civil procedure or a court's orders. A court may sua sponte enter a motion to dismiss for want of jurisdiction even though both parties have agreed to appear in the court. 

See, e.g., Carlisle v. United States, 517 US 416 (1996) and Trest v. Cain, 522 US 87 (1997).

- Cornell Law School

I think the United States Supreme Court, on it's own motion, should take over all the cases involving president trump, hear the evidence, and render it's own decision. Then order that "No President, Vice President, or official appointed by congress, can be sued or indicted by any court, except by a Federal Judge, and Only that Federal Judge for any future civil or criminal actions; and if such actions be found frivolous according to common law, can actually open the opposing counsel to severe penalties and damages." 

Congress should enact a law that says that if any lawyer in the land undertakes a "slapp suit" against a public figure with result being that it interferes with the orderly operation of any federal agency, federal election, or state-wide office, that lawyer can be at risk of severe damages, imprisonment and or fines.

SLAPP suit

Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP suit) refers to lawsuits brought by individuals and entities to dissuade their critics from continuing to produce negative publicity.

- Cornell Law School

Dan Bongino does an amazing job articulating the partisanship of the Democrat run federal agencies. (Adults Only)