We Applaud Israel’s Actions
Democrats are responsible for the death and terror in Israel.

Democrats are responsible for the war in Israel. Saying as much, is NOT political opportunism. Declaring Democrat responsible is stating a FACT. IF you doubt me, listen to Joe Briben, the LEADER of the Democratic Party and death merchant.


Democrats own what is happening in Israel. They left billions in military equipment in Afghanistan. They traded hostages for $6B is Iranian frozen assets. They gave us a moron in the White House, then gave us an even worse VP, so no-one wants her to be in charge.

All this spells weak leadership and emboldens our enemies and the enemies of our allies.

Reports of crimes against humanity are now too numerous to include them all; burned a woman alive in her apartment; decapitated more than 40 children; shot young people, including young women in the streets, like dogs; rape and abduction for slavery is common place. Over 1000 dead, more missing.

We stand with Israel. This is not a corrupt Ukraine, inundated with corruption, money laundering, and back-room deals. Israel is our friend and humble ally. No one deserves an invasion. Including the Ukraine. However, the wholesale slaughter of women and children; not even the Russians are capable of decapitating 40 babies and leaving them to rot.

Call to action. Not only is a vote for a Democrat a moral crime. Any appearance of ANY Palestinian in any part of the world, should be shunned. Demonstrations supporting the attack on Israel should be illegal and all good and moral peoples should should shout them down and shun them at the very least. EVERYWHERE. 

We support a severe Israeli Defense Force response. This include the complete annihilation of any place shown to support the unprovoked attack on Israeli citizens. Rocket attack locations. Air fields where the plane came from who parachuted terrorist. Any link, any where, and the links to the links, regardless of direct or indirect involvement, should be destroyed. In whatever country.