Fidelity: The Atlantic Gets it Wrong, Again
According to the DOJ website, Scott Haven was never arrested for participating in the Jan6 Breach.

The following article was found in the Atlantic Magazine. It was written as an indictment on the GOP for fomenting the violent asault on the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Paul. (Bold) Our response is inset.

“January 6 was not an outlier.”

FALSE: It was an outlier. Of the arrests related to the "breach" on January 6th, most of the arrests were for "trespassing". According to the DOJ, 883 People were charged with crimes relating to the January 6th, breach.

Of the listed individuals shown on the DOJ website as having been charged with a crime, Zero people were charged with murder. Arson. Zero. Robbery. Five. Assault. One-hundred and four. Charges relating to violence. Ninety-two.

If the breach really involved this massive conspiracy towards an insurrection, then to take over one of the most well protected spaces on the planet, you would need thousands of people to get it all planned out, organized and acted upon. Yet here is to DOJ’s list of conspirtors:

·       Conspiracy to commit ______. 47

·       Sedition. 11

·       Insurrection. 0

·       Treason. 0

·       Of the ones charged with sedition, only 2 plead guilty.

The writer of this article completely ignores the years of political violence perpetrated by the political left and characterized as “mostly peaceful protests” by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, The Washington Post and the New York Times. The most egregious being the attempted murder of nearly a dozen police officers during the riot in Portland, where rioters set fire to a police station knowing there were people still inside.

In addition, compared to the four years of political violence, by BLM, Code Pink, ANTIFA, and other leftist cause-de-jur’s; January 6th was a Sunday picknick. Specifically, the DOJ published that over 300 arrests were made, stemming from the riots in the US Capital from May 29th through June 23rd , 2021. The DOJ wrote:

“To date, of the 94 U.S. Attorneys’ Offices (USAOs), more than 40 USAOs have filed federal charges alleging crimes ranging from attempted murder, assaulting a law enforcement officer, arson, burglary of a federally-licensed firearms dealer, damaging federal property, malicious destruction of property using fire or explosives, felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, unlawful possession of a destructive device, inciting a riot, felony civil disorder, and othersViolent opportunists (not “extremists”) have exploited these demonstrations in various ways.”

“Laughing over a hammer attack on an old man…”

This is incredible. There is not one “GOP” representative who “laughed” at an 80+ year old man being violently assaulted with a hammer. Lots of trolls on social media are laughing. Because that’s what trolls do. They laugh at tragedy. Mocking and ridiculing your ideological opponents is nothing new to either side. To pretend that this is unique to the “conservative trolls” is also laughable.

, the GOP has completed its transition from a political party to a brutal mob.

This is pure hyperbolic rhetoric and it just makes the above absurdity, even more absurd. What I read in this article is a classic false dilemma argument. Because some trolls are laughing at what happened to Paul Pelosi, absolutely means that the Republican Party began and will continue the process of becoming a “brutal mob”.

In the words of the “” writers: “The false dilemma fallacy is a manipulative tool designed to polarize the audience, promoting one side and demonizing another. It's common in political discourse as a way of strong-arming the public into supporting controversial legislation or policies.”

In this case, the writer wants you to hate Republicans. Which leads me to the next part of the article.


A Spreading Cancer…

Characterizing each other as malignancies on our country is nothing new. It’s exaggerative and illustrates the intensity of the sentiment, but has nothing to do with reality. Conservatives in the GOP have a very positive contribution level to what makes this country great. The fact that the left says over 70 million Americans are a “cancer” to our society isn’t even provable with ANY objective measure.

Is it the GOP that’s destroying Chicago, LA, San Fran, Denver, Austin, San Diego, New York, St. Louis, and about 20 other large US cities? Is it the GOP who’s wrecking California, New York and Michigan? Nope. All Democrat controlled states.

It might seem late in the game to point to any one event as a final or conclusive moment in the decline of the Republican Party.

I agree with this statement. The Establishment GOP is the “rot” of the Republican Party just like the Democratic Socialists and the Ultra Liberal “Anything Goes” arms of the Democrats are a “rot”. Most of the extremes in both parties can be seen as the zealots turning the rest of the party members off. As for “decline” in a general sense, I don’t believe 20% of either party can inject so much radicalism that the whole party descends into irrelevance. Although they are trying.

And I have no doubt that if the GOP returns to power this winter, its worst members will find new ways to appall decent people while gamboling about in jester’s bells for its base.

This is laughable. Trans drag-shows where a full grown man in his 40’s, lifts up his “dress” and shakes his wang in front of school children, is NOT a GOP exhibition of appalling behavior. Setting fire to a police station with officers still inside is NOT a GOP exhibition of appalling behavior. Setting up a Chaz or CHAPS Zone in Seattle, where no police were allowed and attacks on women, business owners, and even murder were dismissed as “political action”, was NOT a GOP exhibition of appalling behavior. The only reason why “appalling” is used, is because the author is trying to ridicule his way to a moral high-ground. People who understand facts vs imagination, reject this ploy.

  •            The list of appalling behavior, to a leftist:

  • Waving the US Flag
  • Protesting an abortion clinic
  • Driving a large Cadillac SUV
  • Standing for the National Anthem
  • Owning an AR-15
  • Telling the truth
  • Being a happily married straight white male
  • Not agreeing to 100+ genders
  • Refusing to get vaccinated

“The cruelty is the point.” …the reaction among Republican elected officials and their conservative-media life-support system to the beating of Paul Pelosi—by a man named David DePape, who was charged with attempting to kidnap Speaker Nancy Pelosi and admitted to planning to torture her—feels different.

Nothing of what was just said, is true. Here’s why; the published reports by the police, to both Paul Pelosi’s DUI case, and the incident where the police had to respond to the Pelosi’s home are repleat with glaring omissions. His DUI report, prior to the video footage, said "Minor accident..." The "home invasion" story said nothing about David DePape’s motive for being at the home, or the reason Paul Pelosi let him in.

The fact that the police don’t know why DePape was there that night, means exactly what it means. We don’t know. It’s not like the left has a history of distorting the truth for the short term public relations gains… Right?

Look up how Nicholas Sandman (CNN lawsuit winner) and Kyle Rittenhouse (currently involved in suing several news organizations for jumping to conclusions and defaming them) were reported to be these GOP extremists, yet later on, were shown to be nothing of the sort.

Look up how Jussie Smallie faked his own hate crime just to popularize the notion that Trump supporters were beating up gay black men. Gretchen Whitmer’s fake kidnapping hoax. Hillary’s fake Pee Pee tape. Hillary’s fake Muslim video. The list goes on!

I am not alone; my friend Mona Charen, among others, also senses that this event marks a new level of depravity in the GOP.

Mona Charen wrote this: Meet the ‘Useful Idiots’ Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, Madeleine Albright, Katie Couric, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, and all the other liberals who were -- and are -- always willing to blame America first and defend its enemies as simply ‘misunderstood.’

She also wrote this: "A people deluded and propagandized cannot be trusted to uphold the pillars of the democratic process. Trump failed at his improvised coup, but he succeeded in warping enough of the electorate to make another attempt — and even success — all too possible."

It’s hard to appear as a consistent apologist for causes you believe in, when those causes can be purchased.

I have struggled for a few days to decide why, exactly, this moment seems like an inflection point. In terms of actual damage, January 6 was far worse than one violent crime in San Francisco.

Especially for Ashli Babbitt.

Republican leaders—and here I will leave aside Donald Trump, who is in a class of hideousness all by himself—have said far worse things over the past five years. But a parade of Republicans somehow think that an unhinged, hammer-wielding intruder putting an old man in the ICU is funny.

The writer is an opinion peddler. His views on Donald Trump are clear and I respect him for his well timed ridicule. I have been critical of Donald Trump for many reasons myself. However, I agree, lets set Trump aside for a moment.

What GOP leaders are laughing about Paul being in the ICU for what is being made out to be a home invasion by a crazed lunatic? Setting aside the Trumps… I'll wait.

We might expect such inanity from pathetic attention hounds such as Donald Trump Jr. and the usual conservative troll-pundits. Some of them tried to get a rumor about Paul Pelosi trending and briefly succeeded, especially when Twitter’s new boss, Elon Musk, characteristically decided that he just had to get involved in something he knows nothing about and amplified a dodgy story about it on Twitter. (He later deleted the tweet.) GOP leaders, however, stayed silent.

No Republican leaders trolling Paul in this paragraph… Lets read on.

But that didn’t stop people in both right-wing politics and media from laughing it up over the Pelosi attack, including the Arizona gubernatorial contender Kari Lake…

              What did Kari Lake have to say about it? Here it is:

"Nancy Pelosi, well, she’s got protection when she’s in D.C. — apparently her house doesn’t have a lot of protection," Lake said at a campaign event in Scottsdale, Arizona, sparking laughter from many in attendance.

I say, FAIR GAME. Why? Because the 500lb gorilla in the room is this: THE SPEAKER’S RESIDENCES ARE PROTECTED BY THE United States Capital Hill Police and the Federal Protection Agency. Ever since vandals spray painted her garage door, they’ve had cameras up and running on all her residences. However, the notion that the “cameras weren’t working” at the time of the home invasion, with no alarm sounding or repair order created, yet THAT’s the time the homeless man decided to pay Paul a visit, is kind of unbelievable.

Lake then said, "If our lawmakers can have protection, if our politicians can have protection, if our athletes, then certainly the most important people in our lives — our children — should have protection."

           This isn’t anything like how the author portrayed her remarks.

…Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin…

I wonder what Governor Youngkin had to say?

From a Politico Article: “Youngkin, a Republican, had infuriated Democrats by saying at a campaign event that took place the same day as the Oct. 28 attack on Paul Pelosi: ‘there’s no room for violence anywhere, but we’re going to send her back to be with him in California.’”

This could be taken to mean, “Lets send Nancy back to her own district, where she could experience violence like her husband.” Which is exactly how it was taken by Democrats. Gov. Youngkin sent a letter apologizing to the House Speaker, which she accepted.

Hardly a “shift” in GOP, descending into calls for violence against elderly spouses of prominent Democrats.

…and sitting Representative Clay Higgins.

From Politico: “Former Republican President Donald Trump has so far remained silent online about the Pelosi home invasion, but his son Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a proposed ‘Paul Pelosi’ Halloween costume featuring men’s underwear and a hammer, saying ‘The Internet remains undefeated.’ Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.), who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee, embraced a false anti-LGBTQ conspiracy surrounding the attack, tweeting and then deleting a post suggesting the perpetrator was a ‘male nudist hippie prostitute.’”

The offending meme described in the article continues to further the possibility that the attack was staged and the injury to Paul Pelosi was actually an accident, due to the fact that the hammer blow didn’t come until the police arrived. It was also widely reported and has yet to be refuted, that both men were clothed only in their underwear.

The meme isn’t making fun of the injury. The meme was sarcastically suggesting that the whole thing seems a bit dubious. Not a celebration of violence, more a mocking salute to the possibility that once again, Democrats are manipulating the narrative to generate public sympathy.

Others have joined in trying to obfuscate or deflect attention from the intent of the attack; Senator John Cornyn of Texas even lamely tried to raise immigration as an issue. (DePape is here on a long-expired visa from Canada.)

The fact that DePape over-stayed his visa is a fact. The correlation between his being in the United States Illegally and him attacking Paul Pelosi can be directly linked to a cause. Had he been deported and not safely residing in a sanctuary city, is a valid concern. Crimes committed by illegals in this country are 100% preventable, by enforcing our border laws.

I remember Chuck Schumer saying, “Not one life…” when it came to the topic of enforcing a simple “mask policy”.

One might think that it would be easy for America, as one nation, to condemn an attempt to kidnap the woman second in line to the presidency that resulted in the beating of her husband with a hammer.

I agree. While the author ignores the fact that this Nation has been condemning violence for centuries. (That’s why we have laws, pay for cops, lawyers, judges and prisons.) He insinuates that the GOP has been willing to look the other way, when it comes to violence against their political opposition.

This seems a bit disingenuous; Democrats in at least 14 of our most populous states run the criminal justice system in their largest US cities where violence is measurably on the rise. Why? Because, it is the Democrats who don’t think that being tough on crime is the solution.

Besides, I seem to recall what the Democrat leadership and their “trolls” were saying in 2017 when on June 14, 2017, a mass shooting occurred during a practice session for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Alexandria, Virginia. Six people were shot, including U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, U.S. Capitol police officer Crystal Griner, congressional aide Zack Barth, and lobbyist Matt Mika, by 66-year-old James Hodgkinson. Scalise and Mika were taken to nearby hospitals, needing lifesaving surgeries.

Nancy Pelosi was famously quoted as saying that the shooting was all Trump’s fault, choosing the occasion to attack her political opposition rather than condemn the violence.

Pelosi quoted Trump joking at a campaign rally, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

As Ernest Hemingway would say: Pretty to think so. Instead, we have seen the dark heart of the Republican Party, with a reaction so callous, so flippantly sadistic, so hateful, that it all feels irredeemable.

Let’s not forget former Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland’s comments about the tragic death of Justice Scalia “…The death of Scalia saved labor from a terrible decision,” he said, according to a recording issued by the NTK Network, which calls itself a news aggregation site. “And I don’t wish anyone ill, but it happened at a good time. Because once that decision had been made, it would have been tough to reverse it.” He later apologized.

Of course, Republicans have put on a master class in whataboutism over the past few days. What about the people who laughed at Rand Paul’s neighbor giving the Kentucky senator a beatdown?

If you’re going to level attacks against the whole GOP based on individual gaffs and poorly chosen comments, then you have to condemn it all, or none of what you say is credible. It’s not “what-about-ism”. It’s more along the lines of “fair is fair”.

What about Kathy Griffin’s ugly photograph of her holding up a mask representing Trump’s severed head?

Everyone discounts Kathy Griffin. She’s a comedian. She was unwise to do such a thing. It bothered people. She paid for her mistake. She’s bouncing back. Good for her.

And, most of all, what about James Hodgkinson, who shot at a group of GOP political officials and nearly killed Representative Steve Scalise? These are all said with triumph, as if the transformation of the GOP into a violent mob is rendered moot by these examples.

The fact that the author uses the attempted MURDER of conservatives while they are playing baseball for charity, as a “whataboutism” is the POT calling the kettle black. No words here.

I disapproved of laughing off the attack on Rand Paul and the Griffin photo shoot. (I am allergic to even the implication of violence against any president.) But I also don’t think these are neatly comparable cases; Paul, a middle-aged man, was attacked by a neighbor angry over a pile of brush in Paul’s yard, and Griffin paid a significant career price for her tasteless stunt.

I agree. We all get in these little life-snits. We understand them. Even conservatives were making fun of Rand Paul. I remember Rand Paul joking about the attack.

Hodgkinson and DePape, by contrast, do seem alike, a similarity exploited by Republicans. Both were troubled and unstable men who spent a lot of time on the internet and settled on political figures as their intended target. That’s fair as far as it goes.

Why is it that when conservatives point out flaws in the Democrat narrative, it’s “Republican’s Pounce” and “GOP exploits” and “Conservatives Cash IN”; but when Democrats call out Republicans, it’s a “threat to our Democracy”? Why is that?

The problem is that the GOP and their media footmen are flooding the zone with hate, and creating more potential DePapes every day.

This is an unqualified lie. Correlation does not mean causation. This is a logical fallacy. I will show you.

There is no equivalence here;

…but there is!

·       it’s not liberals who are threatening election officials

o   (Unverified. In fact, criminals are calling election officials with threats. Arrests are few, if any, so there’s no way of knowing who they work for or what their political affiliation is. For all we know, we could accuse democrats of paying operatives to call and threaten election officials and blame it on Trump supporters. Like FBI agitators at the JAN 6 breach.)

·       stalking ballot boxes with guns

o   (Certain communities did have people standing by ballot boxes while armed. But that’s nothing new to Democrats. BLM activists were at more than one polling place, armed as well. The point being, “police your own before you come and knock on my door”.)

·       or barraging Congress’s phones and inboxes daily with threats.

o   (People call and leave all kinds of messages voicing their anger. Lots of threats. A barrage! Yet how many Federal representatives and Senators have been attacked in the last decade. Seems like we all know that 99.8% of those angry voters are just venting. GOP lawmakers get just as many as the DNC does.)

January 6 should have been our warning that these messages have real power, and yet that terrible day has already receded from our collective memory.

“We got to stay on the street. And we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business,” Yeah, I agree. I think speech like this, needs to be curbed. Especially when it’s followed by several violent riots and street confrontations. Did Donald Trump say this? No. Rep. Maxine Waters. (D)

To see how the right wing is deranging more people every day, consider the case of Scott Haven, a Utah insurance salesman. In a new book, the journalist Robert Draper notes that Haven was convicted in 2019 of making threats in many of the almost 4,000 calls he made over two years to Democrats in Congress, singling out Maxine Waters, Dick Durbin, and Jerry Nadler:

According to CNN, he is still in jail, denied bail, on one count of making threats. According to a quote by the same CNN report, Haven was interviewed by the FBI and in that interview, told the FBI he didn’t mean any of the threats, and that he was just venting. Haven was finally arrested after making more phone calls.

The GOP didn’t make this man crazy, this man made this man crazy. The fact that his ire was against Democrats is as random as any other loner looking for relevance. I don’t blame the DNC for Hodgkinson or John Hinkley. I don’t even blame AC/DC and EA games for the Columbine tragedy. However, I do blame the DNC and the liberal news media for turning everything bad into Trumps fault and everything good as if it originated in the minds of prominent Democrats. I blame the LEFT for looking the other way when 1000’s of rioters destroyed DC in June of 2020, where they injured over 100 law enforcement officers. I blame the LEFT for calling the riots that occurred all over the country “mostly peaceful protests”.

I don’t see where the author has the moral high-ground, here.

Besides, the author inflates the number of phone calls and the investigation has not released who was called – as it is an ongoing investigation. Some speculate that GOP representatives were also on Haven’s call list.

He focused his attention on them because Limbaugh and Hannity had themselves done so—even going so far as to supply their Washington office numbers while on the air. Haven dutifully jotted them down. Then he began calling, sharing sentiments like the following:

“Tell the son of a bitch we are coming to hang the fucker!”

This is pretty sad writing. EVERYONE knows the congressional switchboard number. All representatives post their phone numbers to their local and DC offices. That’s been that way since the invention of the telephone book. The White House switch board number is also public knowledge. To pretend that Limbaugh and Hannity outed congress members private information so their supporters could call and threaten them is hyperbolic at every level.

Later, as he pleaded guilty in court, Haven trembled with regret. So did many of the insurrectionists of January 6.

According to the DOJ website, Scott Haven was never arrested for participating in the Jan6 Breach. According to Davis County Court and Davis County Jail records, Scott Haven is no longer an inmate awaiting trial. According to Google, Yahoo, CNN, the AP, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Davis County News, Scott Haven is no longer in jail. In fact, according to the “Utah State-wide Public Warrant Search”, Scott Haven isn’t even listed.

Perhaps David DePape will do so as well one day. But the members and staff on the Hill who lived in fear of Haven’s threats will not get those years back;

Apparently, Scott Haven isn’t even a defendant any more! We know he was accused, but for some odd reason, there is zero information about him ever being convicted.

…the people killed and injured in the Capitol breach cannot be made whole; Paul Pelosi’s body is no less shattered.

The ONLY person “killed” during the Jan6th Breach was Ashli Babbitt, a protestor, who was shot and killed by the Capital Hill Police LT. Byrd. Paul Pelosi, if proven to have staged this to cover up a homosexual affair with a homeless male prostitute, may be somewhat less of a victim than Ashli or the officer’s who were injured on January 6th.

Sadistic glee in harming others is a sin (at least in my faith).

I agree.

But it is also a social cancer, a rot that can spread quickly and kill the spirit of democracy.

No “buts” about it.

If all attempts at reason and all offers of friendship fail, the rest of us should shun those whose dark hearts encourage them to revel in such poison.

The author’s suggestion that Democrats ever offered friendship to Conservatives is a convenient narrative, but an outright lie.

Unfortunately, millions of our fellow citizens seem poised to vote many such people into power.

Violent extremism is much more of a Robert Byrd (KKK Legend) thing than a Donald Trump thing. Democrats seem to be voting them in power more frequently than Republicans.

The darkness is spreading.

This is the kind of rhetoric that leads to violence. The “darkness” that’s spreading is the real threat actors behind the scenes, pitting Americans against one another. The fact that they pick certain people to fan the flames of hatred in either direction is more material than who they pick to do it.