Action Plan | 2022

The #GOP needs to demonstrate in a clear and convincing way, to their supporters, that they are willing to GO-ALL-IN! Now is NOT the time for negociation. We already know Democrats have no interest in compromise.

First of all, let me introduce you to the GOP for 2022. The Twitter feeds of @GOP, @GOPLeader and @SenateGOP are what I would say is the public voice of our party. Since they're the public voice of our party, you might imagine they are stoked for 2022. What should make them and us optimistic, is that they are about to be handed a landslide victory in the HOUSE and SENATE.

The BIG question is: What are they going to do with that BIG victory? How are they going to use their power to perform the will of the people? Lets see what their Twitter feeds are promising, shall we?

@GOP | Official party Twitter Account; the official party website; the BIGEST party PAC.

Nothing new. 
GOP political leaders are doing what they've always been doing; complaining about Democrats. Odly enough, the Democrats are doing the same. The "uni-party" that #Bongino talks about all the time, is read. Pretending to war with each other while they go on as if they have us all fooled isn't a sign that we are going to get what we want in 2022, it's only a sign that the "actors" in this farsical horror show are changing.

Currently: From the GOP to the American Voter: "Vote against the mess that is Washington." This is the weakest position a political party could take. The plan contains no measure. No vision. No hope.

@GOPLeader | Official Twitter Account Minority Leader US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. (R-CA-23)

The GOP just, "Sounds the alarm!", more and more as 2022 draws near. This ONLY has one effect. Getting rid of Democrats. It just picks different winners in the Washington lottery system, but doesn't deliver the results "We the People" are expecting when we vote. My challenge is: Find ONE thing that Leader McCarthy has done for America, against this illegal, criminal enterprise, installed in the White House by the back-end manipulators in Washington DC. Find one! Go ahead, I'll wait.

While you're digging around, let me tell you what you WON'T hear or read from Leader McCarthy. "The Leadership of the Republican Party are so concerned about the direction this government is going, we decided that we will NOT go home, NOT rest, NOT quit until we have secured the election of a super veto proof majority in both houses. All hands on DECK! We are going to do things different this time. We wont let you down."

@SenateGOP | The Official Twitter Account of the US Senate GOP Leadership

@SenateGOP isn't any better. They tell about Biden's new budget. Taxes us too much! The US Border is a mess. Yes, we know that too. Ah, and the elimination of Title 42 will damn us all to hell with a flood of new migrants. Yes, the world is coming to an end. There is an endless stream of stuff we should vote Republicans into office to FIX! Same ole, same ole...


I promise you; we will be in the SAME boat we were in with the advent of 2017-2019! Endless parades of legislators walking solemnly down the Capitol Stairs to have a White Dress wearing contest to protest how transexuals are hated by Republicans and they all run scared to their little offices.
No MORE! No more "Oh, they'll get it done, this time!"
WE demand a plan before 2022 elections come out. A unified plan well in advance of November. Something to give us hope that these people will not fail us yet again.
I don't care if it's in the public. I don't care if we show our hand. It's the HONEST thing to do!

THE PLAN | So simple, even a politician can understand it.

Our over-riding mission statement might look something like this:

Year one; We impeach the President and Vice President for gross malfeasance, and replace them with someone competent and answerable to congress; we secure this country; we SAVE the DOJ and get inflation under control.
Year two: We settle accounts with the criminals who got us here and elect an executive branch worthy of our trust and this high office. We find out how they did it and we NEVER let it happen again.
Year three: We shore up our national treasury, improve domestic energy production, enact a constitutional amendment that ONLY citizens of this country can vote for any person holding a local, state or national public office.
Year four: We upright our relationships with our international partners, with fair trade and responsible industry. We bar anyone promoting Globalism as if they were a foreign enemy.

There, that wasn't difficult. Those are the big ones. I'm sure I've missed one of your favorites. Leave a comment if you would like to add to this list.