Action Plan | 2022

The #GOP needs to demonstrate in a clear and convincing way, to their supporters, that they are willing to GO-ALL-IN! Now is NOT the time for negotiation. We already know Democrats are not only serving their party's interest and no others, but we now know that they aren't even serving their own constituents. We now know that the DNC isn't even a political party, it's more along the lines of an organized crime syndicate.

First of all, let me introduce you to the GOP for 2023. The Twitter feeds of @GOP, @GOPLeader and @SenateGOP are what I would say is the public voice of our party. Since they're the public voice of our party, you might imagine they are stoked for 2023. The GOP has the house leadership by a narrow margin. Most likely Kevin McCarthy will be the next speaker. One would imagine that these "elected" representatives would echo many of our concerns leading into the new Congress. If you follow these "leaders" on social media, they certainly are expert and pretending to have our backs.


This above link to the 2023 house spending bill. The propaganda face of the bill.

This is a video of Sen. Ted Cruz offering We-the-People, some low hanging fruit, about the bill. What he's saying could be said of any spending bill congress gave us in the last 40 years. The list below are the GOP elected officials who voted for 2023 Omnibus Spending Bill.

  • John Katko (N.Y.) - Returning in 2023
  • Chris Jacobs (N.Y.) - Lame Duck
  • Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) - Lame Duck
  • Liz Cheney (Wyo.) - Lame Duck
  • Fred Upton (Mich.) - Lame Duck
  • Rodney Davis (Ill.) - Lame Duck
  • Jaime Herrera Beutler (Wash.) - Lame Duck
  • Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) - Lame Duck
  • Steve Womack (Ark.) - Returning in 2023


The BIG question remains asked: Did the "leadership" of our new Congress fail us, already? Well, they made a good show of trying not to. They published a public demand telling their caucus not to vote for the bill - but conveniently FAILED to convince the outgoing "fired" representatives to NOT vote for the bill. They also failed to show us they are strong enough to rain in the current party's RINO's. Steve Womack and John Katko.
This gives us little to consider, but returning to the official twitter accounts of the GOP leadership.

@GOP | Official party Twitter Account

Well, at least they say they want what we want.

We know, we know... Yet...

(Fortune Magazine)
Guess when the $1.7T Spending Bill was voted on, in the House? December 23rd, 2022. Just prior to the vote, guess what @GOP posted about the bill, on Twitter?

Yes, that's the ONLY comment @GOP had on the spending bill, leading up to the vote. They had the audacity to remind you how you're worse off, prior to going on a spending spree. Didn't even re-tweet the house leadership opposing the bill and they didn't even call out the RINO's who voted for it.

Nothing new. 
GOP political leaders are doing what they've always been doing; complaining about Democrats. Oddly enough, the Democrats are doing the same. The "uni-party" that #Bongino talks about all the time, is too comfortable appearing like they're the opposition. Pretending to war with each other while they go on as if they have us all fooled isn't a sign that we are going to get what we want in 2022, it's only a sign that the "actors" in this farcical horror show are changing.

Currently: From the @GOP to the American Voter: "Democrats made your life suck, give us the power and your lives will still suck, but at least they suck less." This is the weakest position a political party could take. The party has no vision. Offers no hope for change. Publishes no path going forward.

So, what about the GOP House Leadership. Lets go to them.

@GOPLeader | Official Twitter Account Minority Leader US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. (R-CA-23)

Kevin continues to "Sounds the alarm!" - well, sort of... 

Leading up to the crucial vote, Rep. McCarthy did retweet some of his brave leaders calling for a "No Vote" on the pork laden spending bill. However, he did not openly call for voting NO on the bill. He walked right up to the line, but didn't cross it. The day the bill was put up for a vote, he published the above Tweet. The link on the Tweet, leads to this:

Last minute speech about the spending bill. In this speech, Leader McCarthy is clearly against the bill.  

While you're digging around, let me tell you what you WON'T hear or read from Leader McCarthy. "The Leadership of the Republican Party are so concerned about the direction this government is going, we decided that we will NOT go home, NOT rest, NOT quit until we have defeated this spending bill."

@SenateGOP | The Official Twitter Account of the US Senate GOP Leadership

@SenateGOP is just pathetic. Zero energy spent towards anything we care about. Aside from a few brave soles, it's weak. Why do I say it's weak? You only have to look at their Twitter feed to find the answer.

This is what the Senate Republicans put on Twitter, the day they voted on the $1.7T spending bill.  No urging to vote no. No defense of the bill at all. It wasn't even MENTIONED on the Senate Twitter feed! Yet here we are.

So lets be fair. What did minority leader Mitch have to say about the spending bill? Since the Senate GOP Leadership didn't quote him or his stance on the bill, lets go to his Twitter feed and find out what he had to say. @LeaderMcConnell 

Here is what he said on December 15th, 2022. Good for Sen. Blackburn. Be sure to follow her.

Then I scrolled up and the next tweet came on December 24th, 2022. You will never guess what I saw. (This is after the Senate Vote, by the way.)

Yeah, that's the Ukrainian President with the Ukrainian flag, standing next to the Senate Minority Leader, on Christmas EVE! That's the message our beloved Senate Leader wanted to send to the American people. More money at Ukraine!

I have to wonder. Who's side is Mitch on? 


I promise you; we will be in the SAME boat we were in with the advent of 2017-2019! Endless parades of legislators walking solemnly down the Capitol Stairs to have a White Dress wearing contest to protest how transexuals are hated by Republicans and they all run scared to their little offices.
No MORE! No more "Oh, they'll get it done, this time!"
WE demand a plan on how you will proceed, prior to February 1st, 2023. A unified plan. Something to give us confidence that you're not going to loot our wealth and sell it to our enemies.
Act on what you say! No more failing up. No more theater.

THE PLAN | So simple, even a politician could do it.

Our over-riding mission statement might look something like this:

2023; The HOUSE needs to put the Imeachment of the President and Vice President up for a vote. Even a small town lawyer could get a conviction on gross malfeasance, corruption, bribery, tax evasion and money laundering. We have no hope of the Senate convicting either of them, but this is what we are dealing with, so we need to defund his administration and pass no laws till he and his gal-pal Kamala, resigns.
2024: We settle accounts with the criminals who got us here and elect an executive branch worthy of our trust and this high office. We find out how they did it and we NEVER let it happen again.
2025: We shore up our national treasury, improve domestic energy production, enact a constitutional amendment that ONLY citizens of this country can vote for any person holding a local, state or national public office.
2026: We upright our relationships with our international partners, with fair trade and responsible industry. We bar anyone promoting Globalism as if they were a foreign enemy.

There, that wasn't difficult. Those are the big ones. I'm sure I've missed one of your favorites. Leave a comment if you would like to add to this list.