Fidelity: Biden’s Handlers say COVID-19 Pandemic is Over
"If you notice, no-one's wearing masks," Biden said. "Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape... I think it's changing." CBS News 60 Minutes

The COVID-19 Pandemic is over because Biden's handlers say it is? Mind is blown.


Let's see how good your memory is:

  • Masks still don't work. That's why very few people care about wearing them any more.
  • Vaccines still don't work. How many boosters are we up to? Didn't the fully vaccinated/boosted Biden and Obama still contract COVID-19?
  • We still DON'T have a cure.
  • We still don't have CDC approved medicine that is "effective", once you have it.
  • The death-toll relating to infections has gone down.

This is US Deaths over the entire course of the pandemic. Again, according to the CDC.


This is the data from September 2020. Do you see what I see? If you Google "COVID-19 death rates in the US", You will see this same graph. Play with it, knowing how NOTHING has changed. What may surprise you is the number of deaths in other countries. Try Haiti, Thailand, Brazil, the United Kingdom. They all have population densities greater than the United States. Try Japan, India, and Mexico... What has changed?

The most plausible explanation for why Biden said that the COVID-19 pandemic is "over", is that Biden's handlers are wanting to claim "victory over COVID" prior to the 2022 National election.

Which leaves me with the question, what was all that panic about? We knew the masks weren't going to work, that the vaccine was being introduced pre-maturely, and that the death rates were being inflated by co-morbidity factors.

This story should anger you even more, knowing that Democrats are using propaganda to heard everyone into their vision for the future. A future where Government is the answer to humanity's problems and that Democrats are the only ones worthy of the "mantel of responsibility".