To save our Nation
Our Mission

Our mission is to save this Great Nation. "We the People", are under attack by destructive forces who hate our country and its citizens. Leading these hostile forces are rich power-hungry oligarchs, adversarial Nation-states, and subversives within our own borders. Recently, I’ve concluded that those who are enabling these hostile forces are paid-DEMOCRATS. It is the paid-Democrats who are the tip of the spear, looting our wealth and destroying the institutions that make us strong.

Defending ourselves against paid-Democrats now requires a higher order of commitment from our citizens. Commitment to faith, family, fidelity and freedom. Faith, because God is real and the paid-Democrats want people to hate God. Family, because it is the foundation of any stable, secure people and the paid-Democrats want you to hate your family. Fidelity, because if we don’t stick to the rules that served our national interest, we are prone to veer off course and descend into majority rule ordered by paid-Democrats. Freedom, because without freedom, there’s no way to enjoy our lives and paid-Democrats only want paid-Democrats to enjoy life.

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