Fidelity: The Shooting of Ashli Babbitt
Ashli Babbitt was literally executed by the Police for crawling through a window.

Typical Democrat:

"That is Ashli Babbitt in the lead, climbing through a window of one of the doors to the Capital that she and other insurrectionists have broken. If you look in the center window, you can see law enforcement who have taken positions guarding the area (and people) behind them.

Ashli Babbitt was in the process of committing a felony, and ignored commands to back off. She was carrying a backpack, and the officers had no clue what that contained. It could have been a bomb, or contained weapons, or any number of things. At the time she was killed, she was not a patriot, she was a felon.

The officer involved shooting was investigated and the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing—it was a “good shoot.”

Good shoot. Felony in progress as an intruder (Babbitt) illegally and forcibly enters a restricted area. Yeah, good luck."

Charles Grimes
CISSP, ATP, AWS Certified Solutions Architect/Developer, USAF Retired | former Pilot, Instructor, Fleet Captain at Midway Airlines (2000-2001)

My Answer:

As a subject matter expert on the subject of “Use of Force” and “Federal Restricted Areas”, the above answer has some critical and material flaws to it; which leads me to type this comment in order to set the record straight.

Mr. Grimes is a pilot. Not a Police Officer or former police officer. Pilots deal with “flight lines” and are not enforcers of “restricted areas” on a federal or state level. They comply with the rules they are given and they are the boss on their own ship when it’s in the air. That’s it. They are not Federal Air Marshals nor are they FPS or CHP Officers.

Mr. Grimes is not aware that trespassing in a restricted area, even in a space owned by the Secret Service or the Capital Hill Police, automatically authorizes deadly force regardless of the issuance of a compliance order.
Mr. Grimes is unaware that Lt. Byrd admitted on National Television that he didn’t see any visible threat and falsely claimed that he gave a compliance order. None of the audio records him giving a compliance order.
Mr. Grimes fails to mention that Lt. Byrd was confused as to what the threat was, at the time of the shooting. The time it took for Lt Byrd to take his finger off the trigger guard and put it on the trigger guard, doesn’t coincide with Miss Babbitt’s threat posture.

The shot that killed Miss Babbitt was the ONLY shot, and he immediately withdrew AFTER he took the ONE shot, not even being aware that he struck her. If she was the threat, he advertised her to be, he would have kept firing until she was no longer a threat.

Not only that, but his actions after he shot her were NOT like he believed she was the kind of threat he claimed for her to be. He said, he saw her take her hand and move it like she was grabbing a weapon, never mentioning that she had a backpack on and didn’t want her entering his protection zone with an unknown in her carry-on. Which begs the question; if his threat posture was fake, his perception was fake, his post-shooting actions were fake, and his warnings were never given - why did he shoot?

The excuse that it was a “rebellion” is just cover. Even the NYT reporter had to admit that it was all a sham.

So, Mr. Grimes, your turn. What say you?