Freedom: Special Message to the Trolls
I am NOT your enemy. I know you think I am your enemy, but I am not.
(C) DLPS Worldwide 2022

First of all. I am not your enemy. I know you think I am your enemy, but I'm not.

An enemy is someone who is actively seeking your personal destruction. I am not seeking your personal destruction; therefore, I am not your enemy. I know you are convinced I am your enemy, but whoever told you I am your enemy isn't telling you the truth. If you value truth, please read on. If you don't value truth, then nothing you read from here on, is going to convince you I'm not your enemy. So don't waste your time.

If you want me to be your enemy, it's not because I want to be your enemy. If you are online trying to make enemies, then you're Russia and I am Ukraine. If you stop attacking me, the war would be over. However if I stop defending myself, then you would destroy me. This is because (Thanks Dan Bongino for this one.) I think you're a person (worthy of value and respect) with bad ideas; you think I am an enemy because I am a bad person (not worthy of any value or respect).

We can be enemies on-line, from here to eternity. This is a horrible existence. I wish you didn't want it to be this way, but at least we understand one another. I feel sorry for you. I wish it was different, but it isn't, so that's the way it will end. Not my choice. Not what I would have wanted; but it's what you wanted - so you can expect to be blocked, possibly reported, and certainly prayed for.

Your identity is important to you. I get that. Mine is as well.

If you identify as leftist, communist, socialist, progressive, non-binary, trans, gay, two-spirit, Democrat, liberal, intersectional, white nationalist, or international criminal mastermind. I care about you as a person. You deserve respect for being a person. If you're black, white, Asian, Spanish, Slovak, Islandic or Inuit. I care about you as a person. You have an eternal soul. You are a human being. You have value.

If you are prepared to hate me, because I am a Christian, white, Anglo-Saxon, male, capitalist, boomer from the Midwestern United States and I voted for Donald Trump in the last two elections. You clearly don't value all people the same. To you, some people are worth less than others because of the way they look, what they believe or how they live their lives. Just because I think that's a flawed way of thinking, doesn't mean that you're less valuable than someone I am in complete agreement with.

Do we have to agree? I'm guessing "yes" on that one. Me? I have friends that I disagree with on many important issues. Doesn't mean we can't have things in common. Respect one another. Act to serve each other's benefit.

Do we have to endorse or promote each other's identity? No. I don't think we should. I can't insist you give me a job because there aren't any Christian men in your organization any more than you can insist on me hiring you because I don't have enough progressives in my organization. Can I not hire you because you're gay? Can you not hire me, because I am straight? Let's not shut down the dialog because as soon as that happens, then we may very well become enemies.

Content of Our Character

Even if you were alphabet soup person, lets agree on a few core ideas.

  • Lies are what children should be taught not to do. Adults shouldn't lie.
  • Thieves should be locked up.
  • Murderers should be locked up more.
  • Rapists should be locked up with murderers.
  • Polluters should clean up their messes.

I would never force you to see things like I do. It's not that I think my ideas are not worthy of adoption, I just think you should be able to accept or reject them. If I force you not to go down that road because the bridge is out and you might not be able to stop in time, don't hate me because I stopped you. Find out if the bridge is actually out, first. That's all I'm saying.

Don't be a troll.