Well, the Democrats DON'T want to STOP climate change! 

How can you tell?

Because, the third largest contributor to green house gasses and harmful emissions is CHINA!

Here's the logic. All the activism regarding "climate science" and "climate change" and "save the earth", is only helping one group of people. #Democrats and their liberal friends in Europe. That's it. No one else. Lots of money gets funneled into political candidates who shout climate alarmism, because the people they attack, give them money to appease them.

China will not pay them. China will not listen to them. China doesn't care. Therefore, it's not a useful target to be critical of. In fact, if these people went to China or were openly critical of them, they would simply take money away from those groups.

If these climate activists were really as committed as they claim, China would be the subject of as much scorn as the Western Countries and Japan, South Korea. Nope. It's all about shaking the money tree.