Faith: God is NOT a Liar!
Gender Dysphoria is a Mental Illness

Democrats hate God.

NO! David, that's not true. I know plenty of Democrats who love God. Go to church. Are good people.

Says everyone who wants to be a good Democrat.

So do I. But here's the thing.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

(Gen 1:27)

If you believe in God. If you believe in this verse. Then "Dr. Rachel Levine" was born as a man, is a man, and will remain a biological man, long after HE is dead. In 100 years, if they exhume HIS body, he's going to be labeled a man, regardless of how he felt when he woke up one morning, decided he wanted others to call him a woman.

It's Democrats who are pushing us to call God a liar. So it's Democrats who hate God. If you feel that Gen. 1:27 is a lie, then you are calling God a liar and that equals "hating God".

Democrats DEMAND that you hate God, because you can't be a good party member, unless you call God a liar.

Every time we turn our backs on the fact that this is a biological male, we deny creation and the way in which God intended this person to function in life. Gender is not a mental construct, it is a biological one or zero. Male or female. It is the truth. Period.

You can demand I call you whatever it is you want your name to be. I respect that. I will call you by that name. That doesn't mean you get to demand I lie about what your gender is. You don't have a right to do that; and you certainly don't have a right to demand I call God a liar. That I will not do.

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