Fidelity: Taliban Execute Wedding Goers for Bad Music
Credit: Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid addresses a press conference at government media and information center in Kabul city, on Saturday.HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP - Getty Images

Could it be that these fatherless jackals with no soul, were given license to murder by Biden's handlers, out of political expedience? Remember, Biden's handlers gave these same people, over 64k sets of night vision goggles. The same equipment we were arresting Chinese spies for stealing them - sending them to prison, merely a few years ago. #NotAnotherDemocrat

Credit: AFP

Imagine if your children were getting married and armed men came to your wedding and executed the wedding party. When asked, "Why?", they respond with, "The music bothered us."

These are the criminals Biden's handlers put in charge of over $6B in modern US Military Weaponry. Think about that. Not even on his WORST day, would Donald Trump have ever done that.

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