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In a LinkedIn discussion thread, I got into a bit of a debate with a caring and thoughtful Democrat. Whenever possible I like to engage thoughtful Democrats, because there’s the possibility that reason and logic might take hold and hope can endure.
So, here’s the post that started it all:

Posted by a Democratic Organization on LinkedIn

Normally, Conservatives would see this as a patriotic thing to do on Pearl Harbor Day (#PHD). If we saw a Democrat post something like this, we would jump up and down to celebrate. Like we are tempted to do every time Bill Mahr has a flash of common sense.

However, I didn't respond with a favorable comment. I responded with this:

#NotAnotherDemocrat on LinkedIn

Which was meant to get Democrats (and some less skeptical Lincoln Project Republicans) to pause and think a bit. I meant what I typed. I don't believe a word of it. This is just window dressing. The Democrats in this country couldn't care less about Veterans or the Military. They just see us as another petri-dish to test certain social programs, willing or unwilling.

So, this LinkedIn person responded:

Carla Miaule on LinkedIn

Ended with - "but I think these are just sound bites. A very interesting sociolect."

I thought, wow, a lot of people got the reference. I wonder why Carla is a bit mystified. (Disclaimer: I'm already fed up with Democrats. That's the most important part of the message. My objective is to get as many people as possible to be fed up with them as well.)

So then, I reply:

#NotAnotherDemocrat on LinkedIn

I'm trying to give her a hint, "Don't do this. I know where you're going and it wont end well." However, Carla takes the bait.

Carla Miaule on LinkedIn

What I think she's trying to do is mock me for making my initial comment. When I didn't fall for her scorn, the above is what I got. (Sidebar, if a Democrat responds with a talking point and does not respond with facts, they are afraid of what you just said.) So then I replied with:

#NotAnotherDemocrat on LinkedIn

You will notice in Carla's reply to my above statement, totally ignores it and pushes the talking points right away.

Carla Miaule on LinkedIn

So, instead of dragging out a LinkedIn thread, I am typing my response here and posting the link to this post in reply.

Fortunately, David, your movement doesn't represents the entire Republican Party, just the extremists and leaning -- about 40%. The smart ones are leaving. The independents that voted for Trump by a 4-point margin in 2016, now vote democrat by 54% and 41% for Trump. You guys are getting crazier, so that will change. The loudest person in the room doesn't win.

Carla Miaule, 12/7/2021

"Fortunately..." Or unfortunately, depending on ones perspective.

"...your movement..." - I am encouraged she called #NotAnotherDemocrat a "movement". I didn't know. (The best form of flattery is when your opposition gives it to you.)

"...doesn't represent" the entire GOP. - Well, we are trying to change that as possible. We don't make a secret of this, nor did we suggest this was true. We think she was just trying to say that she's relieved that the entire GOP doesn't think the way we do.

"...just extremists and leaning -- about 40%" - Note to self. Increase my internal estimate by 20%. Not sure I know what a "leaning" is. Not sure I would consider common sense, "extreme". However, since the DNC is all about labels, let's use these. To me, "leaning" are people on the fence. So according to Carla, part of that 40% is on the fence. That just helps explain why I want to influence these people. It's not a counterpoint, as counterpoints go.

Ah... "extremists". The go-to-word for any time a Democrat lacks a credible argument. Just label them an extremist and studies show that a full 30% of readers will dismiss them out of hand! If loving God, your family, your freedom and your country is extreme, then let me set the record straight right now; at least 63 million people identified as extremists in 2020. Not such a bad word after-all.

That would be like calling the members of the Polish Underground, fighting the Nazi's during WWII, extremists. So thank you.

"The smart ones are leaving." - Again, it's all relative. If you voted for Biden/Harris in 2020 - here's your sign.

"The independents that voted for Trump by a 4-point margin in 2016, now vote democrat by 54% and 41% for Trump." The only way Democrats could pull those kinds of numbers is if they manipulated the results of the 2020 election. There is no way that gropey, parking lot, sleepy Joe Biden, the least favorite contender for every National Election he ever ran for, gets 81m votes in 2020. Not that many people are that stupid. Certainly, the independents aren't.

"You guys are getting crazier..." - I'm not shocked that Carla called me crazy. I'm not shocked that Carla called us all crazy. I'm not even shocked that she thinks we are getting "crazier"! What surprises me is that she can make that claim with a straight face:

Or this...

" that will change." - Hopefully it will. Looking to grow "our demographics" by 20% in the coming 2022 election.

"The loudest person in the room doesn't win." - Carla is absolutely correct. The loudest person in the room, rarely wins. However, if the Democrats are allowed to continue on their crusade to destroy this nation, then "loud enough" might just win the day. (Mature colorful metaphors.)


Even so, let the last presidential election be a warning. True patriots will never allow tyrants to rule America. Netflix has a great series, "How to Become a Tyrant," and the historical similarities are uncanny. As an historian on the subject matter, it is definitely worth a watch as it covers the similarities between past and present tyrants.

Carla Miaule , 12/7/2021

"True patriots will never allow tyrants to rule America." - I think Carla says something very important here:

Ron DeSantis on Tyranny

So, David, how do you feel about January 6th? Militarizing against the U.S. government to avoid certification? You say that you're building "converts" to your cult. Fortunately, more people are becoming educated and understand the difference between tyranny and democracy. You can learn about treason and the constitution here:

Carla Miaule , 12/7/2021

"So, David, how do you feel about January 6th?" - Carla asks a question everyone should ask. I will let Donald J. Trump speak on the subject and just say that I echo his sentiments:

President Trump on the January 6th, 2021 Riot in Washington DC

In addition, I never talk about January 6th, 2021 without including a conversation about the unlawful killing of Ashi Babbit by Capital Hill Police Lt. Smith.

ABC News

As a use-of-force expert, former police officer, and range safety officer - I look at the footage of her being shot and if that was the only evidence used, I would have arrested Lt. Smith for "unlawful use of force" at the very least. All those in the chain of command, for LT. Smith, should be held accountable for her death.

That's what I think of #JAN6.

To all the officers who were injured during the riot, I'm sorry you were injured. The medical issues that lead to the death and suicides of your companions, are tragic. To the damage and lawlessness, no responsible person condones what happened.

As far as the New Yorker article authored. LINK HERE I've read better. Treason? Insurrection? Nope and no! The house made its best case and the President was judged by the Senate and found not guilty. If I felt like Trump fomented that riot, I know of 20 Republican Senators who would have loved to vote with the Democrats. The article fails on it's face.

To Carla, if you ever chime in on a thread of mine, do your research. Come up with something more than just CNN talking points.

I am an "extremist" because Joe Biden left over sixty-thousand of these in Afghanistan and I have many family members I love serving in the US Military.

NVG's handed over to the Taliban

Night vision goggles given to the most blood-soaked terrorist organization in the world, the Taliban. Democrats gave them these!

Make no mistake, when you hear me saying "Lets go Brandon" or any other parent of a service member, we aren't cheering for a NASCAR campion. We are saying that this President is criminally unfit to hold the office.

Carla makes the mistake of suggesting to a Veteran that any modern Democrat is worthy to hold up a banner honoring the sacrifices made by brave men and women in times of war. She is talking to the WRONG person. I hold all Democrats responsible for Biden's handlers infesting the federal government and as a free and responsible people, we owe it to our fellow citizens and the world, to vote every one of them out of office.

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