Fidelity: Another LinkedIn Debate
Courtesy of the New York Post

The dialog written below, is a debate I had with "Ronnie L." on LinkedIn. Before I could finish, Ronnie ran away and avoided the embarrassment of trying to defend a position (in bold letters) that was not defensible. The dialog that lead up to my reply below, is here:

LinkedIn dialog from 12/10/2021

--It wasn't hypocrisy on the part of New York state…

Wrong. Hypocrisy is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform, pretense. The State of New York knew that Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo were gaming the media to protect themselves from negative press and to cover up Andrew’s alleged criminal activity. The State of New York knew that Andy was killing nursing home residents with a bogus COVID policy and didn’t do spit. Possibly thousands of defenseless victims. Children who couldn’t see their parents, grandparents, or visit with them during their last days on earth. The Governor was immune because of his political affiliation.

In CONTRAST, DJT, was completely ignored and even favored by those same circles – UNTIL he decided to run for President. Then all the power and resources of New York State and the Southern District USAG’s office decided that Donald Trump was public enemy number one.

The only difference is that DJT has been poured over with a fine-tooth comb since 2015 and he’s still free. While Andy and Fredo fell after the first swing.

You can’t deny the hypocrisy of NYS, shown in these facts. The accusation is completely irrefutable.

--Trump put himself on their radar when he ran for office and would not release his tax returns, as every candidate does voluntarily. A red flag.

Another example of hypocrisy. When did it ever matter that Hillary or George released their tax returns when they have immunity from the DOJ and the press? Would you release your returns to a group of people who would use every detail against you, regardless of whether it was true or not? I don’t think so. Neither would I.  

--I didn't support the method of withdrawal from Afghanistan…

How could someone so smart as you be so reckless with their words. The “method” of how Biden’s handlers had nothing to do with the outcome. They used aircraft, they used ships, they used whatever… It’s not what method they used, it’s the decisions they made regarding when, from where, who they left behind and what they left behind. Critical difference!

--…but unlike a Trump acolyte who supported everything he did.

Sorry, that’s the very definition of a Democrat. To prove my point, did you support everything Hillary did, during her “public” service? Did you support everything Bill Clinton did? Barack Obama? I don’t think you could show me one Tweet or post that is critical of any Democrat. Yet if you look at my history, I was brutal on Trump when he first started running. I didn’t like him AT ALL! I thought he was a PIG, wasting my time and everyone else’s. I knocked him for many of his imbecilic judicial nominations. I knocked him for how he treated Mike Pence on January 6th. I am a vocal critic of anyone who doesn’t put the people who pay their salary, first. So I know you couldn’t be talking about me.

Then the other possibility is that you’re talking about someone you’ve met. If that’s the case, then I am with you! I am glad you’re not a Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff or Biden acolyte; because that’s just credulity and no one likes a sycophant.

-- I immediately wrote the White House in protest.

About what? The Afghanistan departure? You wrote a letter to the Biden Whitehouse complaining about the withdraw? That would be impressive, if you did.

--BTW, no laws were broken in the withdrawal.

Really? You sure about that? I know of at least a dozen. Chief of which is providing material support to known terrorists. On that one branch alone, I could justify a warrant to a judge in less than a day.

-- Enough already with Hunter Biden. He has not been indicted for anything nor is he a public official.

Did you just tell me there’s nothing to see, by telling me he’s not being prosecuted? If that’s your standard of proof, then you might want to check your acolyte status.

--The hypocrisy here is that Trump installed his daughter and son-in-law in the White House , patently unethical in addition to the fact that they were completely unqualified to do anything relevant .

You are either pretending to be ignorant of history or being less than honest. I think you’re smarter than that. Plenty of examples of family members helping to govern. Donald isn’t the first, nor will he be the last. I will spare you the history lesson. This one was too easy.

-- Jared is now using the connections he made in that job to raise money for his new hedge fund.

Jared Kushner is fair game, because Hunter is fair game. I would be willing to put them both on trial. See who comes out the other end of that process with a lengthy prison sentence.

-- Had any Democrat done any of this, the outrage would be palpable. But for Republicans, it's radio silence.

The better question is, “What Democrat or Republican hasn’t used their government service to enrich themselves or their families?” It would be more difficult to find who hasn’t. Bill Clinton charging $700K for a 30 minute speech in Russia is just one tiny well known example.

-- Republican elected officials have gaslighted the Jan 6 insurrection and put everything this country stands for at risk.

This is a very broad statement. The term “gaslighted” means exactly what, to you? I can tell you the most common definition and the way I understand the term. Gaslighting means that someone tells a lie, tells it convincingly, tells it often, and shields the “victim” from the truth.

What I think you’re saying is that the GOP somehow took over Nancy Pelosi’s office, buried all the truth about January 6th, then convince Her and other Democrats to say nothing about what went on. Is that what you’re saying?

What about the June 1st riot in DC? What do you know about that? How much do you know about the Waukesha Christmas parade attack? (Be honest. Don’t look it up.) I would make a pretty significant wager that you know little to nothing about either. (Talking about gaslighting, right?)

-- If they would start their own country, maskless and unvaxxed, so many would celebrate. Leave the rest of us who care about their neighbors.

I get your point. I feel the same way. Stop hovering over everyone! Mind your own business. Leave us alone. Let us govern our own bodies. My body my choice! My medical information is my own. Vax mandates are unconstitutional. Amen!

There. Point by point. I trust you will respond in some way. Looking forward to it.

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