Fidelity: Pipe Bomber and Ashli Babbitt
Can those responsible for placing the fake bombs at the DNC and RNC Headquarters, be charged with FELONY MURDER, in the death of Ashli Babbitt?

Did the "Jan. 6th Pipe Bomber" have anything to do with the "murder" of Ashli Babbitt?



The FBI reports that some time between 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM, the evening of January 5th, this person placed a pipe bomb at the DNC headquarters in Washington DC.


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At approximately 2:45 PM, LT Byrd of DC PD, shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, acting on what he considered to be a credible threat.


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According to the FBI, a second bomb was placed at the RNC headquarters, just a five minute walk from where the first bomb was placed.


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Ashli Babbitt was shot by D.C. P.D. Lt. Byrd because he perceived her as a threat to his safety and the safety of the people he was there to protect. Nothing about what she did within the 1.5 seconds it took for Ashli to poke her head through the broken window, suggests that she was a threat to anyone. Her hands were busy struggling to get through the window. The ONLY thing she had on her that could possibly be deemed a threat, in such a short time, was what appeared to be a "Backpack". (From some videos, she only had a flag on. From other videos, it appears that the flag was draped over a backpack.)

Yet conspicuously, the "backpack" was never mentioned in the 60 Minutes interview with LT Byrd, nor was it mentioned in the report as being the reason for her being shot. It seems like everyone reporting on this story, is steering the conversation away from the BACKPACK!

Why didn't the police in the hallway see the backpack as a threat? Why wasn't the radio traffic from that day, made public? What was in LT Byrd's head, when he took the shot, besides his own admission that he saw Ashli as a threat, but leaves out details as to what he considered threatening? 

We believe we have stumbled across a likely explanation.

According to "", the definition of "felony murder" is this:

Felony murder is a legal rule that expands the definition of murder. It applies when someone commits a certain kind of felony and someone else dies in the course of it. It doesn't matter whether the death was intentional or accidental—the defendant is liable for it. The rule is usually limited to felonies that are inherently or foreseeably dangerous to human life, such as arson, rape, robbery, and burglary.
- Criminal Defense Lawyer dot com.

Since the attempted bombing of the DNC and RNC headquarters was an act of terrorism, it likely falls under the "felony murder" statute, if Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed because LT Byrd believed that Ashli Babbitt had a bomb in her backpack. To further complicate the matter, if LT Byrd was knowingly and falsely lead to believe that Ashli had a backpack bomb strapped to her, it would be "felony murder" if that belief was a direct cause of her death. It would be as if the person who planted the bombs, and the person who paid to have the bombs placed, and then allowed the false story to be reported to any close-in security detail, pulled the trigger themselves.

Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by LT Byrd at approximately 2:45 PM EST on the afternoon of January 6th. The pipe bombs were set by the person pictured above, on January 5th at between 7:30 and 8:30 PM, the night prior to the demonstration.

According to the FBI's website, the locations of the bombs were about a 5 to 7 minute walk from each other. Here is a map:


Marked in RED, are the DNC and RNC headquarters, where the two bombs were left. Above and to the left, you can see the US Capital's location.

Some time between 8:30 PM and when the bombs were discovered, Kamala Harris arrived at the DNC headquarters. Kamala Harris had US Secret Service Protection. As you can see, the bombs were laid out in the FBI image above - and are pretty obvious in their appearance, that they are in fact "bombs". Even an untrained person, like the person who would report finding them, could easily make that assessment.

What time were the bomb's found?

None of what was posted on the FBI's website reveals anything about where VP Elect Harris was at the time, nor when the pipe bombs where discovered, or their serviceability, upon discovery. According to official reports from government sources, the pipe bombs were found prior to Ashli Babbitt being shot.

According to official government video surveillance tapes, released to the public by Speaker Mike Johnson, the pipe bomb was reported to the US Secret Service and the DC Metro police, near where the BOMB at the DNC was placed, at 1:05 PM on January 6th. (1)

According to the Politico story, the US Secret Service evacuated VP Elect Harris, from the DNC Headquarters, when they were notified of the threat.

Now, consider, the Police at the scene of the Ashli Babbitt shooting, who are shown on the video, not evacuating people from the crime scene. There wasn't an order to evacuate the hallway. There wasn't a frantic search of Ashli, to see if she had a bomb on her. Nor was she searched for any weapons. The responding officers were initially concerned that the threat was coming from behind the barricade erected behind the speaker's lobby doors.

Which means that the PIPE BOMBS and the threat imagined by LT Byrd were NEVER disseminated across the police radio network. Yet somehow it's logical to assume that LT Byrd seems to have gotten the word about the bombs and perceived Ashli Babbitt's entry into the speakers' lobby as a threat, by merely attempting to enter the area. Since she had no gun, and only had a backpack, would it not be reasonable to shoot her for breaching the barricade?

IF LT Byrd acted on what he considered to be a credible threat (Remember, there's no mention of what exactly he determined to be a credible threat.) and it turns out that the pipe bombs where fake and the whole pipe bombing ruse was somehow being used to deliberately add chaos to the Jan6 Demonstrations by opponents of Donald Trump, then those who plotted the Jan6th operation could not only be charged with the "felony murder" of Ashli Babbitt, but may also be charged with the deaths of Kevin Greeson, Rose Boyland, and Ben Phillips.

Dan Bongino, Former Secret Service Agent, speculates that the reason why the pipe bombs where not discovered until late the next day, was because the person who placed the bombs, either placed them shortly before they were discovered; thus the FBI is publishing a false narrative, about the bombs, to hide the truth about their intended purpose. Or, they were planted when the FBI says they were planted, and they were deliberately overlooked or ignored, and completely unmolested for 17 hours. 

According to, the DOJ/FBI narrative said, "random passer-by" found the RNC bomb first, then another "random passerby" found the DNC bhomb next. However we now learned from, that the person who discovered the "bomb" at the DNC was NOT a "random" person, but was, in fact, a plain clothes DC police officer. That "random" person at the RNC, who discovered that BOMB was a retired DC police officer. To read the Revolver piece, here is the link: 

Secret Service Foreknowledge or Criminal Negligence? Damning New Evidence Surfaces In FBI’s January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Story

Adding to this new information, we now add our own speculation.

The guy who walked up to the metro patrol car, was a plain clothes DC Police Officer, did HIS backpack contain a real bomb and that's why he went to the passenger side? Had Pence refused to certify, was Kamala supposed to die when the real bomb went off? Was the plain clothes cop sitting on the bomb location to ensure that right bomb was found? Did his backpack come off after the passenger side visit, because he needed to ensure that the right package was found? Don't know. But that would explain the odd response. "Stand down, because while we still need a bomb found. It can't be a real one." Don't know. However I would definitely go on the working premise that the whole thing was a contrivance to ensure Trump didn't thwart the outcome Biden's handlers worked so hard to secure. Kamala's location also plays into it, because they could say, "ONLY" certain people knew she was at the DNC HQ. Which would further lay the blame convenient for the "insurrection" narrative. speculates that the purpose for the pipe bombs was to cast a shadow on the possible intent of Vice President Mike Pence's decision to NOT validate the election, should he have decided to do so. We suspect that the unintended consequence of this risky proposition, was the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt. We feel our contention is credible, because there is no other logical explanation for why LT Byrd considered a 1.5 second interaction between he and Babbitt as a credible threat that justified deadly force. Had what she was carrying on her back (flag or backpack), contained a real bomb, then we can't blame LT Byrd for acting the way he did. We can only ask more questions about what information he was given, at that time.