DNC is backing the War on Children
Kamala Harris, VP of the United States has a step daughter modeling for Balenciaga. Say that to yourself, three times.

This is NOT a flame piece about Kamala Harris as a Vice President. She's her own flame-piece and only 10 minutes of watching her public speaking will be a rational argument for why should she NEVER hold public office.

Rather, this is a piece about two parents of a child who makes choices like modeling for a fashion lable who can't tell the difference between "fashion" design and "child abuse" or "child porn" or "child exploitation".

(Ella Emhoff getting paid to model in a Balenciaga/Couture fashion show.)

What was the conversation like?
"Dad, I know you and Kamala are high profile public figures, but I have to do my own thing." Ella may have started out saying.
"Ella, I phoned Ralph Lauren and they say they keep out of politics. They wont.", might be her father's reply.
"I know, Dad, I decided I want something a bit more fringe. A bit more "edge", Ella may have replied.
"Like what?" he may have asked.
"Like Couture or Balenciaga.", she might have replied.
-- Continue with this hypothetical conversation. --
"Wow. Ryan and I hang out. You know that. Let me give him a call.", says Doug.
"What about Balenciaga?", asked Ella.
"Hmmm. A bit too 'EDGE', if you know what I mean.", says Doug.
"That's what I want!", says Ella.
"Okay, let me give Cédric a call.", replied Doug.

Meanwhile, at the DNC.
Mystery political analyst one, named Cree, "Guess what Kamala sent over..."
Mystery political analyst two, named Larry, "Oh, no..."
"Yeah.", said Cree with a look of intregue.
"It seems the beloved Doug-daughter's taken up with some fashion perves.", said Cree.
"(explitive) me! How do they keep doing this kind of (explitive)." shouted a frustrated Larry.
"You should see the freak storm she drags over to the mantion. (laughs) It's not just the people they deal with, it's the kids and the dolls, and the (explitive) they do with them. We need a way to spin this." explains Cree.
"Why?", says Larry. "We don't have to lift a finger. Langly has media so scared, they don't need to tell them how to respond any more. They're just making (expletive) up.

"What do we do with all these pictures showing up?", asked Cree. 


"You mean the pics of kids and Satan and (expletive) stuff?", asked Larry.
"Yeah," said Cree.
"Just ignore them. Put out something for Corine to say. Blowing it off as if the GOP is pouncing all over the story for political gain.", said Larry.

While our imaginary dialog is just that. This is the lightest we could go and still stick to our own standards. In the category of "What were they thinking?", if they can't make responsible decisions on such issues as child endangerment and child abuse, what about the other stuff? What insanity is going on, behind the scenes?

To put a finer point to it, we unleash the meme's. The people get it. Why doesn't the DNC? Or better yet, Democrats. Why do they keep voting them in?