Propaganda: Biden’s Handlers Pitch Another Angle
Credit: The Hill

Shameless propagandists desperately feeling their way around in the dark, in hopes that something sticks on their sock-puppet occupying the White House. No longer hiding behind shadows and back-room deels, the Hill jumps in as a willing accomplice with this article, showing they'll take anything they can get.

A new low, Biden's handlers invoke the spirit of the dead civil rights icon to promote their cheat-back-better plan disguised as "voting rights" legislation called the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

In this article dismissing critical analysis, Debunking False Claims About the John Lewis Voting Rights Act | Brennan Center for Justice, even the Brenen Center for Justice can't help but show its hand, by disclosing that the power of the DOJ to acting on it's own accord when it "feels there is discrimination" is clearly written in the bill. It definitely does empower the DOJ to interfere. We all saw how the DOJ can summon it's own evidence when it "wants in" on an investigation.

I also find it odd that John Brenen would care so much about the topic. His own hand seems to be a bit too dirty to start volunteering to do the DOJ's laundry.

Six Minutes of Joe Biden Screw ups (The Good Ones) (

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