Fidelity: The Democrat Mindset
“Do you know how much money I made last month?” he asked.

(Trigger Warning: Reader discretion is advised.)

(Disclosure: I didn’t make this entire story up. I am using some of this story because it was told to me by someone else and I grew to trust it’s meaning. Original author is unknown. I embellished the punch line, considerably. If you read something like it before and find it cliché or think my version is inferior, I apologize in advance.)

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A wealthy man was flying on his private corporate jet. Several beautiful women accompanied him. They were all going to a trade show, and the agency sent over several models his company would use to attract customers to his high-end product line booth.

One young woman, wearing a red dress, sat next to him during the flight. After engaging in some flirtatious conversation, the executive looked at her with wondering eyes. Helen, put her hand on his shoulder, as if to agree to what he was thinking.

“Do you know how much money I made last month?” he asked.

Helen wasn’t stupid, she was a George Washington University graduate, with a degree in finance and law. She was working the modeling gig to gain access to hiring managers who could afford her desired salary. She knew she was the full package and she intended on playing every card, regardless of what the other women thought of her.

“I don’t care.” she said, honestly.

“Really?”, Ricardo was slightly taken a-back.

“Yes, I prefer to know how much money you invested, last month.”, putting the drink she had, slowly up to her plump, red lips. Taking a seductive sip before gently setting it down on the magnetic coaster.

“Okay, do you know how much money I invested, last month?”, he asked.

“Yes.” she stated with a matter of fact and somewhat scornful look. As if that was the dumbest question he could ask.

“How much?” Ricardo asked, knowing it would be the wrong answer, but curious how close she would actually get.

“$12,303,000.00 US Dollars”, Helen enunciated, the dollars part.

“Very good.”, he said, with a mild surprise. Only a few paid, data sources could have told her that, between the time they made the final cut, till the take-off time.

“See that metal suitcase handcuffed to Donny’s hand, back there?” Ricardo asked.

Helen looked where he pointed. “Yes.”

“Would you rather have what’s in that case, or a job in my company?”, Ricardo asked, now hopeful she would last. He’s played this game with a hundred beautiful women, and he was becoming intrigued.

“What’s in the case?” she asked.

Ricardo’s heart sank. However, when Donny gave him the “No, no, this one might be different!” look, he returned to the conversation.

“One-million dollars, US.”, said Ricardo, looking for a reaction.

“What’s the job?”, Helen asked. Donny winked.

“Director of Corporate Communications or Junior Vice President of Marketing, your choice.”, Ricardo stared into her large expressive blue eyes.

Helen sat and thought for a moment. “I’ll take them both, but what’s the catch?” She asked, almost playfully.

“Both? You must be very good…”, said, Ricardo, respecting her confidence.

“Donny? What’s the catch?”, asked Ricardo, acting as if it was expected that Ricardo’s lifelong friend listen in.

“You must go in the back of the plane, and make passionate love to Ricardo.”, said Donny, also looking Helen up and down, imagining himself as Ricardo.

Helen immediately stood up. Her arms instinctively crossing over her breasts. A frown on her face. “Sir, I don’t know how to respond.” Deep breaths, Helen, deep breaths. The agency warned you. You need to defend yourself.

Ricardo, sensing her body language, stepped in, “Helen, that’s your name, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” said, Helen, taking another step back and looking towards the front of the plane, where the other girls were, just out of earshot. Brenda looked at her and smiled, doing a thumbs up and mouthing the words, “You go girl!”

“What’s the matter?” asked Ricardo, while Donny became visibly disinterested.

Helen walked up to Ricardo’s seat with her arms still crossed, she leaned towards him and said, “You’re a son-of-bitch and a jerk!” Then Helen unfolded her right arm and swung at him to slap him on the face. Ricardo caught her by the wrist, stopping the blow, with his left hand. Reading her like a book.

“I promise you, Helen, I am not joking. You work hard on your body and your mind, to use them to your advantage. I am willing to pay you for that work. This isn’t a joke. I am not trying to humiliate you. I am a man who has little time for relationships, and if I compensate you for your services, then it’s only fair that it is equal to what you have to offer.”, Ricardo continued to look, unflinchingly, into her deep blue eyes.

Helen’s arm began to relax. “How do I know you will keep your word?”

Ricardo became sad inside. “I will write it down in a contract. Here…” Ricardo scrawled out a note and signed it. “I promise to pay Helen Gandy, $1m and hire her for one year, as the company JVP of Marketing, with a salary of $350k, plus options, by no later than…”, then he wrote out todays date. “You can put this in your purse. It’s legal and you know it.

Helen said, “In my purse.”

Ricardo said, “Donny.” He showed the note to Donny. “Donny is a witness.”

With Helen still looking skeptical, Ricardo said, “Go get your purse.”

Helen stood erect, and walked over to her purse. She took the note and put it in her purse. “You know I could just keep this and hold you too it.”

Ricardo said, “We both know you wouldn’t.”

Helen looked at Ricardo. He was in amazing shape. Bronze skin. Coffee brown eyes and perfect teeth. His abbs showed through his silk shirt like a washboard under a sheet. With more to drink and a few more dates under his belt, she would have done this for free, but who cares, now.

Helen looked at Donny, “Close the curtains to this cabin.” Which Donny got up and immediately did as she asked. Helen said to herself, “Your mother would NEVER approve!” Then her other self said, “She’s not here.”

Ricardo observed the hesitation. “What is it?”

Helen looked at him, “You aren’t a fifty-shades, rich guy, are you? You’re not going to murder me in there, are you?”

Ricardo said, “I’m more of a ‘please-her’, kind of man.”

Donny looked away, at his phone.

“How do I know there’s a million dollars in that case?”

Donny looked up. Ricardo shrugged. Donny spun the dials on the case, punched in the code on the top of the case, and the latches clunked open with a thud.

“Go ahead, check it.”, said Ricardo. “We have a way of getting that cash in Zurek, so no big deal if it becomes yours. Donny will help you deposit it.”

Helen thought of all the ways he could cheat her. Then she said to herself; Not for a penny less, would I ever do this!

“Why do you want to do this to me? Do you buy all your women this way?”, she never met someone with this much money before. She had to think she was special.

“Never. You’re so beautiful, I felt like you wouldn’t agree to this for a penny less.”, said Ricardo.

Helen bit her lip. “Okay. You promise to be nice?”

Ricardo replied, “I promise.”

Helen looked at Donny. Donny gave her an approving thumbs up. Helen slowly started to walk toward the rear compartment door. Her red dress gently rubbing against her well sculpted figure. She looked over her shoulder, expecting to see Ricardo following her. He wasn’t.

“Go ahead, I’m texting Leon. He needs to make sure Zurek knows to have our cash ready when we land.”, then Ricardo looked down at his phone.

Helen’s mother was in her head, again. “Don’t you dare do this! You are a woman of high quality!” Helen replied back to her mother’s voice. “Mom, it’s okay. I slept with Trey and he was dead broke.” The voice came back, “Trey loved you! You were in love with TREY!” Helen shot back one more time, “Mom, Trey didn’t have a job, or a trust. He just had a cute smile and was fun to hang around with. I felt like making him my first. I never intended on being with him, forever.” With that thought, she hung up on her mom’s voice and clasped the door handle to the rear suite.

“Miss Gandy?”, said Ricardo, over his shoulder.

Helen wasn’t aware that she told him her last name. “Yes?” She tried to shunt her mother’s now distant voice and turn around with some alure, but not really feeling it.

“We have not consummated our deal, correct?”, asked Ricardo.

Helen put her hands on her hips. “Correct.”

“Let me see that paper for a minute.” said, Ricardo.

Helen dutifully walked back to her purse, the paper was right next to her wallet. Ricardo took the paper and used his Mont Blaunc to cross out the $1m and JPV provisions, and then he wrote in “$10” and “Janitor” and gave the paper back to her.

“What’s this?” Helen asked, frowning.

“It’s my latest offer.” said Ricardo, looking at her with a smirk.

“What the hell? What has all that stuff before?”, she demanded.

“Now, we are negotiating.” said Ricardo.

“Ten dollars? Janitor? I’m not some cheap floosy off the street!” Helen declared to her host.

“Miss Gandy, this isn’t a negotiation on what you are. We’ve already established that. We are negotiating on price.”, remarked the CEO. Then looking at Donny, they both started to laugh.

“You may join the rest of your crew, now. Miss Gandy. I would put your shoes back on, or they may assume the worst.”, said Ricardo. Still laughing, looking away.

As Helen finished her glimpse into the future, she quickly stood up. Ricardo’s hand sliding off her waist and then opening wide with a “what-gives?” gesture.

“What?”, asked Ricardo.

“I’m sorry, sir, I gave you the wrong impression. I hear my mother calling. She always gave me good advice. I think I’ll just listen to her.” then Helen scrunched up her face with a condescending nod. Gave an awkward kind of bow and turned to leave that section of the cabin.

Ricardo looked out the window of the airplane. Helen returned to the rest of the women for the duration of the flight. She understood her mother’s advice. She said she slept with Trey just to win an argument. She really didn’t. She hadn’t slept with any man. She was going to ensure that whoever it was, that won her love, worked a lot harder at winning her heart, than a sexy gaze from across an aircraft isle.

Helen picked up her purse and took her phone out of it’s pocket. The phone rang. Her father picked up. “Hey Dad” Helen said with a sheepish sounding greeting. “Hi Cupcake! How’s the trip going?” asked her father.

“Fine, Dad.” she said, feeling the gentle loving confidence emanate from his voice.

“I’ll get mother.” he said, reflexively.

“No, no, no… Not mom. I want to tell you something.” Helen said, with her best most sincere inflection.

“Oh, okay, what’s up? You okay?”, her father asked.

“I’m okay. You remember that story you told me about how much I was worth to you and mom?”, she asked.

“Yeah, sure. More than a thousand rubies… The end.” he explained with the hyper abbreviated version.

“Thank you. Dad. Thank you.” said Helen.

Human worth was never meant to be measured in how much pleasure we could extract from each other. It was always meant to be the cement that binds the foundation of an entire building. If you’re living in a slag heap of poured concrete, then just admit it to yourself. You’re both transacting a deal in exchange for sex. Ruin for ruin. STD for STD. Shelter for an orgasm. Don’t kid yourselves. Neither one of you are honest enough to say to yourselves, “We are nothing but brooding animals feasting on our carnal nature, using it to pay for whatever services we can garner.” Then expect nothing more out of life.


You can stop breaking God’s intention for your lives and look to Him for guidance on how you can be redeemed. You can remain slaves in this arrangement, or you can free yourselves from such a meaningless existence, gaining something more. Read the Book of John, in the Bible. See if it speaks to you. Find more value in life. Pick a side. Walk home with some truth in your minds, for once. I am cheering for you.

“Who was that?”, asked Annie.

“That was Helen. She was going to her ‘big show’ in Zurek and called me from the plane.”, Frank said.

“What did she say? Is she okay?”, asked Annie, turning to her husband.

“Yeah, she asked me about the rubies story.”, said Frank with a knowing smirk.

“Ah, yes, the rubies story! That’s a good one! Good girl. She’s definitely okay.”, Annie said with her own satisfied grin.

“We do make’em smart don’t we…?”, boasted Frank.

“By God’s grace, we sure do.”, said Annie. Then she looked at a picture of Helen. Such a long road to travel.

 She was such a nerd. Braces. Pig tails. A memory flooded into Annie’s mind:

“No time for boyz! Mom. I want to be an FBI agent! Just like Dad!”, said the young Helen.

“Okay, then, you’ll have to study hard!”, lectured Annie.

Then Annie said to herself, “That rubies story should be written down somewhere.”